Sacrifice Children to the Advertisers

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All of us spend a while on our devices aggravated by the annoying pop ups that take up the entire screen, but little do we know how these advertisers force us into a product. Advertisers use many schemes, tricks, and gimmicks to get you – the viewer – hooked. Don’t be fooled by color contrast or happy clowns trying to sell fries. Advertisers and advertisements effect young people by messing with their mental health and using advertising techniques to get people to buy their products.

Advertisers and advertisements mess with kids’ mental health to control their decision. For example, these big-name company’s use cartoon or action characters to entice young viewers, whether it be a renounced basketball player offering you a sprite cranberry, or a friendly tiger eating your favorite cereal. Common Sense Media states, “What makes these messages stick –and harder for parents to counteract- is that they’re timed for the precise moment in kids’ development when they are most receptive to their influence.” Advertisers hit kids at a certain age, making them more attracted to that product company’s also chose bright colors that stand out in the isle, also to kid’s eyes. They use these tricks and gimmicks that get kids on board with their products. Unfortunately, kids are very receptive to their lies. Yet advertisers use more than one sneaky way to pick the pockets of millions

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Advertisers and advertisements get kids to spend their, or their parent’s money, in huge amounts. To illustrate, parents can’t resist the puppy-dog-eyes they get from their children pleading for a cheap toy on the shelf. Once advertisers get kids attention, there is no way their parents or themselves are going to get out of this without spending a little cash. Spring board grade 7 page 88 states, “Tweens, teens, and young adults have not only more things than previous generations, they also have more consistent, available, access to vast amounts of information than their parents or grandparents could have imagined in their youth.” These kids are exposed to so many ads that they are bound to break the bank sooner or later. Between parents, grandparents, and personal money, that’s a lot of cash to burn! Studies show that 218.93 billion dollars are spent because of advertising in 2018. The advertisement companies are swimming in cash from kids spending big bucks upon seeing those ads.

Advertisers use many tricks to get viewers to give up their last spare change. Kids are forced into advertising and big companies are messing with children’s psychology at just the right time and using kids to get their parents to buy the product. Next time you watch TV or play on your phone stop and look at those annoying little pop ups and see how they’re effecting you.

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