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Was Human Sacrifice Moral

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Was human sacrifice moral? Lots of people may say sacrificing other people are bad but people from the prehistoric age all the way up to the 21st century. This form of sacrifice was practiced all around the world for different reasons. For example, there is a place called mound 72 that had 272 people and at the bottom were two people with 20,000 shell beds or more surround them. The archaeologist believes that all of those people were sacrificed for only those two people.

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Was Human Sacrifice Moral
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Everyone around the world practiced human sacrifice for different reasons from praising deities to show political power. Now not all of the sacrifices may have been pain-free or quick some were very brutal like decapitation or being killed with a club. All of this would depend on where you lived and who they worship. For example, in the Shang dynasty, there were two types of human sacrifice one was called “Rensheng” while the other one was “Renxun.”

There was an archaeologist named Saburo Sugiyama that opened up a chamber in Mexico which had bodies of men inside of them wearing nose pendants, earplugs, and beads.

The archeologist believes that these people were high officials because of what they were wearing. While Saburo Sugiyama was studying he realized that human sacrifice helped maintain order and also helped by providing communication for things like cosmology and moral life. Now they know that human sacrifice has to do with lots of things from political status to worshiping people or deities.

There was a Spanish conquistador called Hernan Cortes and when he and his men arrived in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan they said they witnessed a grisly scene. They were said to use obsidian blades to cut open the people and offer their still-beating hearts to the gods. The people would then roll their lifeless bodies down the steps of the temple. There was another conquistador called Andrés de Tapia and he described 2 rounded towers surrounded the temple that was made out of skulls and in between

Did human sacrifice help our world from a complex society? So now scientist are confused because they do not know weather our complex society have originated from human sacrifice or a miner who saved and feed a 10-year old girl who was buried alive. Human sacrifice is defined to be a religiously-motivated way to kill people. They would do this in many ways from drowning people to cutting out their hearts to praise the people that they worshiped.

Everyone did human sacrifice for different reasons the Chinese believed that if you killed a woman near a rushing river it would allow safe passage for people an boats. in Greek myth, an emperor killed his daughter to get favorable wind on his way to troy. in Egypt they would bury al least a dozen servants with the pharo to make sure he would get his needs met. Everyone had their own beliefs about what they were doing even if it is to please spirts at rivers or even please pharaohs in the afterlife. All of this was done either because of religion or myths that the people believed in.

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