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Sarah Palin/Charles Gibson interview

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The most troubling aspect of the Sarah Palin/Charles Gibson interview was Palin’s absolutely substanceless responses to Gibson’s questions about foreign policy and national security.

Given that Palin seemed obviously “over her head” when it came to answering simple questions about foreign policy like whether or not she supported the so-called “Bush Doctrine,” and the fact that she cited “energy policy” as her most important component of national security, the other questions in the interview all seemed to tack back to the issue of foreign policy and national security whether they should have been part of that issue or not.

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Sarah Palin/Charles Gibson interview
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When re-watching the interview on YouTube, I noticed that Gibson himself sighed and twirled his foot impatiently as Palin filibustered on yet another national security issue and I noticed that Palin, herself, squirmed a little in her seat during the interview. It was obvious that Palin had been dressed up and made up to look very fashionable and very professional, but she did not appear very “Vice-Presidential” to me, especially when the distance shots during the interview panned back to show off her legs.

Yes, she is an attractive person, but I felt as though the set and camera angles during the interview were “sexist” to the extent that the up-played Palin’s sexuality.

Whether or not this aspect would have been troubling had Palin provided coherent answers to Gibson’s questions, it is difficult to say; but it is obvious that the “leg-shots” during the interview only reinforced the idea of Palin as an empty-headed Beauty Queen.Gibson’s questions were all ‘softballs” and the fact that Palin could achieve nothing more than an occasional “foul-tip” even though she as obviously stoked to the brim with talking points, gave the impression that not only is Palin unqualified to serve as Vice-President of the United States, she may not even be qualified to run as a convincing “meat puppet” for the Republican oligarchy she ostensibly represents.After watching the Palin/Gibson interview, I walked away with a tremendous sadness that this woman could even be taken seriously as a leader, and a tremendous sense of fear that she might someday sit a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

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