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Charles Saunders Interview for Magazines

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It has been too long since we caught up with Charles Saunders. So let’s see what this longtime contributor to TGR has been up to recently.

Charles just put up a new blog post up on his website. It’s a reprint of an article called “Blacks in Wonderland,” which was first published in the October 1987 issue of American Visions of Afro-American Culture magazine. It was an overview of the situation of blacks in the science-fiction and fantasy genres at that time.

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Charles Saunders Interview for Magazines
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Charles updates the article with a foreword and an afterword, reflecting how things have certainly changed for the better since then.

Per Charles, Griots II and Imaro V are on the horizon for this year. Griots II is subtitled “Sisters of the Spear,” so all the stories are about women warriors. Charles will also have a story in the forthcoming anthology Black Pulp. Currently, you can find an introduction by Charles to Ki-Khanga: The Anthology e-book available from Amazon.

com. The stories are based on characters in the Ki Khanga Sword and Soul Role Playing Game.

Of course, next year he will mark the 40th anniversary of the publication of the very first Imaro story in Gene Day’s Dark Fantasy magazine by doing something special to commemorate the occasion.

And Charles has also posted the interview he did for The Cimmerian print journal in 2007. The interview was conducted by the late, great Howard scholar and TGR contributor Steve Tompkins.

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