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Google, Yahoo, Bing Who wrote that the people get the government that they deserve? In 1811 Joseph de Maistre (1753-1821) wrote “Toute nation a le gouvernement qu’elle merite. ” (“every nation has the government it deserves”) however; many people credit the quote Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859), author of Democracy in America (Big Apple Corner, 2010). This information was found on The Big Apple Blog website. I believe that the answer is accurate because I looked on other websites and they provided similar information. The answer is also comprehensive and from a credible source.

The Big Apple blog provides a host of information that answers various subjects. Advanced Internet Searching How big is the “deep” or “invisible web”? The invisible web is known to be enormous. In fact, “Bright Planet estimates the invisible, or deep, web as being 500 times bigger than the searchable, or surface, Web” (Boswell, 2011). It may be difficult to understand what that actually means, but just think about how large Google is for instance. The invisible web is 500 times larger than all search engines combined. This information was found on About. com. I believe that the answer is accurate because About. om provides individuals with information from different contributors. If the information wasn’t true on this particular website I believe it would be taken off. The article is very comprehensive. It not only tells how large the invisible web is but it also explains what the invisible web is and its purpose. I also believe that this is a credible source. Which financial institution in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has the lowest 15-year mortgage rate? The financial institution with the lowest 15- year mortgage rate in Lancaster County, PA is tied between two different institutions.

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They are Pleasant Valley Home Loans and Aim Loan. com. Both institutions are offering rates of 3. 212 as of Friday, December 9, 2011 (Biz Rate, 2011). The information was found on BizRate. com. The information is accurate. Many institutions use Biz Rate to buy and sell loans on a daily basis. The website allowed me to choose the location that I was looking for as well as the mortgage terms to get the above information. As such, the information is both credible and comprehensive. Internet versus Library From whom did Bill Gates purchase the program that became MS/DOS and created the basis of Microsoft’s success?

Bill Gates purchased the program that became MS/DOS from a company named Digital Research. The technology was called CP/M (Control Program/Microcomputer) (Both, 1997). I found this information from a technology website, OS2. I believe this information is credible and correct because I searched extensively on the Capella library and the internet. I also believe the information to be comprehensive. Who provides IBM’s current legal counsel? The current legal counsel for IBM is Robert C. Weber (IBM, 2011). To answer this question I chose to use the internet.

I thought the best place to look for the current legal counsel for IBM was on IBM’s own website. If I were to use the library there would be no guarantee that the information is up to date. Since I obtained the information from the company’s website, I am confident that the answer is correct, credible and comprehensive. Capella University Library If the demand for oil increases dramatically in the United States, which stock or stocks would you buy to take advantage? Based on my research I would invest in M&P. According to the article “M&A activity will pick up in the next six months or so” (Metal Bulletin Weekly, 2010).

This information was taken from an article found on Lexis Nexis Academic. I believe that the information is credible but I cannot say if the answer is correct or not. The choice of what oil stocks to invest in is strictly based on opinion and experience in the stock market. Either-Or Who is the most interesting person in the world? The most interesting man in the world is known as Jonathan Goldsmith. Jonathan Goldsmith is an actor that is most known for a beer commercial, where his final words were, “”I don’t always drink beer, but when I do, I choose Dos Equis” (Bullard, 2011). This information was found on www. wcax. com.

It is difficult to say if this information is credible or not because choosing the most interesting person in the world is based on an individual’s opinion. I can say that the information is comprehensive, because the website provided details as to why Jonathan Goldsmith is the most interesting person. On the other hand, I do not think there is a correct and/or incorrect answer. Who won two Nobel prizes in different subjects and whose spouse, daughter, and son-in-law also won Nobel prizes? The individual that won a Nobel Prize in two different subjects is Marie Curie (Fröman, 1996). This information was found on the Nobel Prize website.

As such, the information is found to be credible, comprehensive and correct. There are three people on my team. Instead of working together to find the answers to the Scavenger Hunt questions we decided to divide the questions among each member of the team. I believe that worked well because everyone knew what they were responsible for, and could do the work on their own time schedule. I can’t say that anything didn’t work well although; there could have been better communication. As the assignments were given my other team members no one responded to indicate if they were completing their part of the assignment.

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