I Hunt Killers Traditional Assignment Essay

I Hunt Killers Traditional Assignment

Is violence a product of nature or nurture? I Hunt Killers helps fuel an interesting discussion as to whether people are born evil or do they become evil as a result of their upbringing. The main character, 17-year-old Jazz is in an interesting predicament where he is not only the son of an serial murderer, but was also forced to watch some of his father’s brutal, violent murders as a child. His situation seems like it would have all factors pushing him towards an extreme version of evil behavior, however it is very interesting how his resilience as a child made him the character he is.

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I Hunt Killers Traditional Assignment
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It is a confusing yet interesting paradox that Jazz is in as he tries to help the police and fight to restore his name, he struggles with the fact that he may follow in his father’s footsteps. His response to such a horrible upbringing must be a combination of his resiliency and the optimistic idea of human decency as it is projected through Jazz in this story. Jazz, although likable and relatable struggles with the reality that he may not be able to stop himself from becoming like his father. The author crafts an interesting narrative around Jazz’s internal struggle while providing detailed and accurate criminology throughout the story. Through this complex internal conflict, the story becomes very thought provoking in parts while humor keeps the story light in other places. I Hunt Killers prompts an interesting question of human nature.


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