The Second Amendment: Does It Need an Update?

Do you or your kids attend school? Your kids or friends might be scared of going to school because of all the shootings happening. To fix this problem we will need to fix (update) the second Amendment. By updating this Amendment, we will achieve the overall goal; which is nobody having a fear of getting a gun shot at them. We will need to talk about why the law was even created. Then we will talk about the requirements you need to get a gun. And finally we will discuss if we still need guns today.

Let’s start off with why it was created. There are two main reasons on why this law was invented. When the law was created it was 1791 and America was scared of England. They thought that England was going to fight back and try to get their land back. Because of this fear they wanted all Americans to have some type of protection just in case England did come. Bringing the second Amendment into to play. So that way if England did come most Americans would have some type of gun to fight back with. The other reason on why this Amendment was created was America was still a pretty new country and didn’t have much officials to help out citizens. So they thought if a citizen needed help that they would ask their neighbor in hope that the neighbor could help. It made sense to let citizens have guns back then but does it still make sense now.

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This brings me to my second idea. Which is, is this law still needed in modern life today? And this is a hard topic too talk about and not be biased. If you don’t believe me just search it up for yourself, they are either pro guns or very against it. So what I will do is be the middle man. I will say why people think this law is still needed and then give the reasons. Then why people don’t think it’s needed and their reasons. And then at the very end I’ll give my opinion. One of the overall reasons why people are against guns is because they think guns makes things worse rather than helping. Also according to Elving, guns bring more suspense of what can happen and seems like it makes everybody scared of each other. The first thing that comes to mind on why people want to own guns is so they can protect themselves. That’s why you shouldn’t really be surprised on why the number one reason for wanting a gun is to protect their families. But this amendment means more to people then just having the right to own guns. According to, people think that if the government can take away this right then who knows what else they can take away. And in my opinion I think that we should be able to own guns I just think we need to update the laws on how to buy a gun.

I think in order to make both sides happy we need to compromise. The best solution in my opinion is updating the requirements to buy and own a gun. First we need to know what we will be updating. Let’s take a state where you can buy a gun like Alabama. In order to buy a gun in the state of Alabama according to Alabama gun laws is that you need a background check and have to make sure you’re clear. You must be over the age of 18. And that’s pretty much it to buy it and access to it. And then you need a permit to carry it. But if you were able to buy the gun then you’ll be able to buy the permit. I think this has to be updated because most kids will have a clean background check. And all kids will be older than 18 eventually. This lets anyone be able to buy a gun. And I don’t think everybody is fit to own a gun, because of mental issues and as of right now there is no mental control over buying a gun. And if you look at something like school shootings all of them happened because the kid had some mental issue. I think there has to be some type of program that’s about a yearlong to make sure you’re both physically and mentally able to own a gun. That would be my solution.

In my essay we have talked about the second amendment. We have talked about why people want it and don’t want it. We’ve discussed the reasons on why the amendment was even created in the first place. Then following we talked about if there was even a reason to still have it. And at the very end we talked about my solution of updating the second amendment to make everybody gets what they want and make this country safer. I think we should still be able to buy guns we just need to update the laws.


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