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How it’s to be a Mexican-American

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Galena’s father says it is difficult to be a Mexican-American. Why does he say that? He says this because he feels the Mexicans want you to be more Mexican and the Americans want you to be more American. 2. Selene and her brother don’t seem to be as bothered by the difficulties the father describes. Why do they not share his feelings? Things had changed since the time their father grew up and both the Americans and the Mexicans had become more accepting of cultural differences.

3. Galena’s Spanish is seen as a potential problem for her in Mexico by her father.

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How it’s to be a Mexican-American
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Has anyone else ever felt their Spanish was being Judged, by anyone anywhere? Why do you think Selene was able to overcome this problem in Mexico? Why was she so popular? Different areas that speak Spanish have different dialects. Some of these areas do consider people from other areas to be outsiders. An example would be people from Mexico are not necessarily accepting of people from Puerco Rice because they consider the Puerco Ricans to be outsiders even though they are both Spanish speaking countries.

I think Selene was able to overcome this problem in Mexico because of her personality and she didn’t try to hide her American heritage either. Selene also had a very confident approach to everything that she did. I believe she was popular because people could relate to her and they viewed her as one of them. Selene also did not allow her popularity to change her, she was still the same person she always was. 4. What was easier for Selene–gaining acceptance in Chicane/Mexican/Latino/a culture or gaining acceptance in Anglo/North American culture?

To what degree did she succeed in “crossing over”? I believe it was easier for her to gain acceptance in the Chicane/Mexican/Latino/a culture. She was able to cross over some but with her life being taken away so abruptly, early in her career, she was not able to have a complete crossover. Selene had two singles that performed well in the United States but we will never know how well she would have done if she was still alive. 5. What accounts for Galena’s huge popularity among “Texans,” Mexican-Americans? I think that it was because the Texans could relate to Selene.

She came across as a normal ordinary person rather than a star. Also, Selene always seem to present herself as a caring and kind person. Selene project By Sharing 6. Galena’s success as a singer came by singing Spanish-only Techno music. Was this music her first love? What kind of music did she prefer as a child? No, her first love was the musical compilation of such artists as Donna Summers. Selene appeared to be partial to the music of the ass’s when she was a child. 7. What reason did her father give her for learning Spanish? What was his own experience at “crossing over” into do-whop?

Who rejected him? Her father told her she was American but her heritage was also Mexican, so she should be proud of her heritage and embrace it. Galena’s father only sang English songs and because of this, he was rejected by both the Americans and the Texans. 8. Why is Galena’s father so amazed that “for you [Selene], the borders do not exist. He was amazed because his past experiences had shown him how UN-accepting different cultures could be. 9. Is it true that now, more than 14 years since her death, Selene really did succeed in crossing over to an English-speaking, Hollywood pop audience?

Do you think she would have become as big a star in pop music as she was in Techno music? Why or why not? Selene did cross over pretty far and is accepted by the Hollywood pop audience. I think she would have become a big star in pop music, partially because she had such a wonderful personality and a positive outlook on life. Selene was Just living out her reams and wanted to keep things simple. For example, the scene in the movie where she was discussing her future plans with her husband, she wanted to have children and buy a small farm. 10.

Watch the video for “Technophobia” from Galena’s Greatest Hits (and also Amour Prohibits). In one of her last hit songs, Selene mixes hip-hop, reggae, a brief heavy- metal lick, and Spanish. How does this mixture work within the authentic definition (sound) of Techno music? Is this the start of something new in U. S. Pop music? What do you think she represents musically? These do not fit in the authentic definition of Techno music. Techno music is more country-western , polka, and folk music. It was new for Techno music because other artists had not previously tried this type of combination before.

I do not believe this was new for U. S. Pop music because other artists had already broken the barrier of this new trend of genre combinations. Selene was making a crossover to dance music similar to Paula Abdul or Madonna. 11. Also consider, Galena’s husband and guitar player, Chris. Chris was a heavy metal/rock musician. Why did he agree to play in Galena’s band? In what sense is the heavy metal culture Mexican-American, Chicane, Anglo? Are there aspects of ultra in the U. S. Which transcend these kinds of boundaries? Chris had been in some trouble previously and Just wanted to play music.

Heavy metal culture does not really have boundaries related to ethnicity. Heavy metal is more of an appearance and attitude. People do not dance to heavy metal, instead the concerts have moss-pits and head banging. The aspect of the foods different cultures eat has transcended cultural boundaries. 12. In what ways was Selene “American”? How can her Texan/China aspects also be considered “American”? From a Mexican viewpoint, what aspects of Galena’s life & career are “Mexican,” which are not? Selene was born in America and spoke English as her first language.

Her Texan/ China aspects were derived from her being raised in Texas and taught to her by her American born parents. The Mexicans can view her Techno background as Mexican because of her heritage. Selene also focused primarily on her Techno background and became popular first in the Spanish speaking culture. 13. Racial, ethnic, national identity is not simple. The lines are blurry. Who is Latino? What role does language play in identity? Is a lifelong Texan Anglo (Caucasian) who speaks fluent Spanish more of a Techno than a Texas-born Chicane who speaks no Spanish at all?

Can a red-haired Spanish-speaking Irish Catholic whose ancestor fought for Mexico in the Mexican-American War be considered in some way a Chicane? How about rock star Beck, whose stepfather was Chicane and who was raised in a Mexican-American neighborhood, and uses Spanish in some of his songs? Can you think of other examples? Latino are essentially people with Latin American Heritage. Language should not play a role in identity but the reality is that language does play a role. If a person speaks Spanish in America, they are considered Latino, even if they were born in America.

The Texas-born Chicane would probably be considered more of a Techno. The red-haired Spanish-speaking Irish Catholic could be considered a Chicane if his ancestors were descendents of Mexico. I would not think that Beck would not be considered a Chicane because he does not actually have any descendents that were of Mexican heritage. Ritchie Valves is probably the best known from my generation. Unfortunately it seems the stars that die unexpectedly and sudden seem to come to memory first. Selene Gomez, Jessica Alba, Deem Lavabo, and Mario Lopez are all famous actor/actresses that are considered Mexican-American.

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