Self Introduction And Family Background

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I am CHUKKAPALLI SIRISHA, 22 years, born in a well settled family on 26th of June’1996 at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. I have been highly motivated, and enthusiastic, and blessed with a quick grasp of things.

Coming to my family my father-Mr. Chukkapalli Suresh Kumar is doing Cotton Waste Business and a Private Employee in Kusalava International Industries and Mother-Mrs. Chukkapalli Ratna Kumari is a house wife. I have an elder sister-Ms. Chukkapalli Manisha recently graduated and working now.My younger sister-Ms. Chukkapalli Prathyusha is pursuing master’s in Flemming college, Canada. My Grand Mother-Mrs. Chukkapalli Sulochanamma. I come from a joint family that encourages lateral thinking and appreciates diligence, especially in the field of higher education. My growing with aplomb is consequential to the nurturing I have had at home. Honesty is my middle name, and self-esteem is one of my prime concerns as far as my gregarious life is concerned. The ethics and traditions with which I have grown up play a pivotal role in giving a fine shape to my personality. The fine blend of tradition and modernity in my family has given me a world-view that has favorably framed my individual frame of reference.

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I done my schooling (SSC) in Swarna Bharathi Smart School-Vijayawada and have completed it from the Board of Secondary Education in March’2011. I opted for M.P.C (Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry) stream in my Intermediate course done in Sri Chaitanya Junior College-Vijayawada and completed it from the Board of Intermediate Education in March’2013 with 86.3%. After completing my Intermediate study, I became interested in pursuing Engineering in bachelor’s program. Later I enrolled for Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering) in Gudlavalleru Engineering College-Gudlavalleru in June’2013 and graduated from JNTU-Kakinada in June’2017. After completion of my graduation I became interested in doing Internship. Later, I went to Egypt through an AIESEC Organization. Where, I did an Internship in Web Development Project. After coming back from Egypt, I learned some technical courses like: Software Testing, Java and Sql ans worked with Charvikent. Apart from that, I looked up at my father’s business. However, I thought of extending my knowledge by doing higher studies by enhancing my knowledge theoretically and practically to reach new heights in my career. In the process of pursuing higher studies, I am applying for master’s study in USA, which is also a suggestion I got from my colleagues and my college teaching faculty, because as the world knows as it is known for its safety, peace and quality of education. I completed IELTS (Academic) test and achieved an overall Score of 6.5.

When compared to India, an American degree is globally recognized. America gives a rich international exposure to Indian students. Multi-Cultural student population is not found in India which changes an Indian student into a global citizen. An international degree is valued across the world and can get opportunities to work not just in India but also in various countries like Canada, Australia etc… Moreover, entrance examinations like GATE for M Tech are conducted only once a year, and so, it is a very time-consuming process for Indian students as it takes minimum 6 to 8 months to prepare for them.

After a Far Research in Universities offering master’s Program in Analytics in my home Country, I have selected & decided that America would be my master’s destination as no University/Institution provides the Best Academic curriculum which is been followed by all Universities in America. On top of all, America is best in Comparison with Major Countries like UK, Canada & Australia, master’s program is Safer, Internationally Recognized, Affordable Fee Structure and high Career Growth rate.

American Universities are widely known for the quality of teaching and research. America is a safe, friendly and harmonious country with best living-hood. Americans are open and friendly people. Living costs and tuition fees are affordable. American qualifications are recognized by international employers and leading educational institutions around the world. American’s approach towards education is based on individuality and fresh thinking. An American degree is honored in India. Here are some more reasons for my choosing Australia as my study destination.

I believe that America has a lot to offer to the world in regards of Education that broaden the horizon and skill of every individual studying there. I will learn and gain a lot through such an International exposure. I have not applied not even a single university in any other country yet. This is the only university I have applied in America too, so I have no previous immigration history. I have my elder sister in America. Even though, I would like to go individually. So that I can build up my individuality and can get the exposure of different and friendly culture of the country.

We are well-settled family in India with our own business. I am showing the enough funds with my family support to meet the University tuition fee, travelling expenses and my living cost during my stay in America. I have enclosed those documents with my application. Please consider my request at earliest possible, so that I would meet my course in time and find the necessary documents attached with this application.

After the completion of my Master’s in Analytics, I am confident that I will implement the same in the field of Software & IT-Sector. I am sure I would be placed in Top MNC’s like Wipro, Infosys, Oracle, Accenture and TCS in my home country-India in the Positions viz., Software Engineer, Software Analyst, Software Designer etc. with an annual Package around INR 10-12 Lakhs. As in our State-Andhra Pradesh, a lot of Industrialization is been taking place, especially in the field of Software & IT-Industry. This helps me to get a good career where I can use up all my talents of being a good professional with a practical skill to serve my Home City. On other hands, as I am the loving & younger daughter to my Parents, I couldn’t stay away for a long period from them. As, I don’t have any brothers, so I feel it like a responsibility to look after them and take-up all the responsibilities of my family. Thereafter, where my sisters don’t have any experience in our business field, so I will surely return to my home country to help my parents in their needs and to serve my Family.

I shall forever be grateful to the American Government if I were granted the study permit visa in order that I may see my dreams for the future comes true.

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