My Job as an Analyst in the Financial Consulting Industry and My Self Introduction

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I’m currently working in the financial consulting industry as an analyst/associate, providing financing and investment advice to clients.

My Self-introduction:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I feel very honored to join this big family. I’ve finally realized my short-term career goal. I would like to share with you my passion for this job and some of my background.

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I attended National University of Singapore right after high school in China. I was very excited when HSBC Hong Kong offered me a position after college. As I gradually learned Cantonese, I became capable of handling both local and international clients, thus expanding my professional network. I came to realize, nonetheless, that transaction banking was not my ideal career path. I did not find it challenging enough because it was not involved in the investment or financial decisions of the companies, which is my great passion.

Judging from my professional experience with many Chinese client companies, lack of expertise is the main obstacle that stands in the way of their internationalization. My personal experience also confirms this. My father once thought of taking his medical company public in Hong Kong, with its more mature market, but he eventually gave up because he had no idea how to assess the risks and returns involved. This inaction created by uncertainty and lack of information is very common among Chinese companies.

The result is that many Chinese companies with greater ambitions are holding back out of fear, inexperience, and a lack of high-quality professional advice. Having identified the underlying cause of the gap between these companies’ goals and their actual performance, I decided to pursue a master’s degree, and make my path to financial consulting services.

My undergraduate study in National University of Singapore has equipped me with business sense, as well as solid knowledge in accounting, finance, and economics. Grading standards at my college were stringent-only 10% of the class managed an A Grade. But the fierce competition has prepared me well to enter the work place. My exchange experience with Schulich School of Business in Canada was my first exposure to Western country. The MiM program with London Business School has helped me combine practical business knowledge with hands-on experience. I have developed an extensive alumni network within LBS; I believe some of them would provide valuable resources to us. Furthermore, I have done internship with other consulting firms during the master program.

Besides my familiarity with the financial markets of China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and London, I believe that my professional experience would ensure my success for this job. Despite my full time experience with HSBC HK and the consulting internships in London, I have done sales and marketing internships in China and Singapore, respectively. All of the jobs required me to analyze financial data and come up with strategies towards competitors. I have also developed presentation skills throughout my education and work experience.

It is very nice of meeting all of you today. I am sure we will have a wonderful working experience together.

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