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Shooting an Elephant: Peer Pressure

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The subject of “shooting an Elephant” is to show how people can be manipulate Ted into doing actions that they would otherwise not do, to preserve their social I mage. This is exemplified by the group of people that followed the man to watch him shoo to and kill the elephant. The thousands of people represented the large amount of press ere on the man. Occasion: Shooting an Elephant is written in 1963 when the British were fighting Burma.

The setting of this piece was in Burma; we know this because that author mere actions it in he essay and he also mentions the people as Burmese.

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Shooting an Elephant: Peer Pressure
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These two things let us understand where the story is taking place. Audience The audience for this writing is for people who might be influenced by their p or by social standards if they don’t want to do something in the first place. The is theme is usually centered towards younger audiences because weighing decisions can be harder for younger people.

Purpose The purpose in this essay is to not be influenced by your peers because it is n to always for the better.

He makes it clear that he wants to show this audience t hat doing hat is expected isn’t always right because of how he said “… L could not stand it any longer and went away. ” which would show the reader that it is not always a eel good experience. Speak Kerr The speaker is George Orwell. He was part of the British Imperial Police for several years and disliked the aspects of British Empire. Rowel’s mentality WA s that a person’s image should not have to affect unrelated others. Tone The tone was critical and full of remorse. The story shows that he was not ha p pay with shooting an elephant.

These attitudes were expressed through a range f phrases throughout the story and how he looked at his actions in a negative light. The tone was made clear so he could get the purpose of his essay off to show the reader the at doing what other people want is not path one should take. He achieves this by descry bibbing the situation in detail and his reactions simply to let the reader feel for his actions . Thesis Statement George Rowel’s essay “Shooting an Elephant” uses ethos and pathos to make the reader have a distaste towards Rowel’s actions and use them as a guide o n outside pressure to preserve self image.

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