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Hovercraft : Advantages and Provided Services

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    A hover craft is a vehicle that you stand on. It floats in the air. Hovercrafts are used throughout the world as specialized transports. They can also be used after a natural disaster for emergency purposes. Because they are supported by a cushion of air, hovercraft are unique among all other forms of ground transportation in their ability to travel equally well over land, ice, and water. Small hovercraft are used for sport or passenger service, while giant hovercraft have civilian and military applications, and are used to transport cars, tanks, and large equipment in hostile environments and terrain.

    Background The Hovercraft was invented in 1952 by the British inventor Sir Christopher Cockerel, who was knighted for his services to engineering in 1969. By simple experiments involving a vacuum cleaner motor and two cylindrical cans he proved the workable principle of a vehicle suspended on a cushion of air blown out under pressure, making the vehicle easily mobile over any surface. This would enable it to operate over soft mud, water, and marshes and swamps as well as on firm ground. Many people worked on the idea of the hovercraft on over the years. | Advantages of Hovercraft A well-designed hovercraft is superior to a boat because it has less drag and requires less horsepower to operate. A hovercraft is 100% more fuel-efficient than a boat with similar capacity or size. * Rising fuel prices and shortages are making the hovercraft a desirable form of transportation. * Hovercraft ride much smoother than boats because they travel over the surface of the water, not through it. * Hovercrafts eliminate the need to climb in and out at crowded docks or piers * Able to park almost anywhere and operate from unprepared areas * Travel over any surface. Negligible noise levels: About the same as a truck or high-speed boat * Hovercraft can operate over land, shallow water, reefs, ice and mudflats, beaches, river-deltas and dry riverbeds, covering territory previously designated unreachable. * Access to 75% of littoral instead of only 5% with conventional vessels * High Speed: Cruise at fill payload at speeds of 25 –36 knots * Low initial costs: Similar price to conventional boats of same speed and payload Services Provide by Hovercraft

    A partial listing of present uses includes: 1. Rescue work on swift water, ice, snow, mud flats, and deserts, in wetlands, shallow water, swamps, bogs, marshes and floodwaters. 2. Military services: Assault vehicles and transporting troops. 3. Heavy load movement across difficult surfaces. 4. Agricultural spraying; cranberry, rice and pecan farming. 5. Transportation or “island-hopping”. 6. Exploring the vast number of shallow and narrow waterways that cannot be reached by boat. 7. Oil spill clean up.

    Factors to be considered during the purchase of Hovercraft There are number of point to consider when purchasing a small hovercraft. However decision based on cost comparison alone is not recommended, as seriously safety factors need to taken into consideration. 1. Race craft focus on speed so it must be lightweight. 2. Self build built on low cost so occasionally compromise safety. 3. Leisure craft focus on safety and reliability, for salt water use. 4. Check warranty, Engine is new, standard, supplied with full documentation. . Hovercraft flotation, Hovercraft flotation is very important factor if you plan to ride hovercraft on open waters or rapids, or if you plan to use hovercraft as fishing boat, or hunting airboat in swamp 6. Hump speed time, Hump speed is time, that is necessary to beat the hump barrier. 7. Do not forget to check the components of your hovercraft boat especially the brakes. Working Mechanism of Hovercraft Parts 1)  Lifting fan: Usually a centrifugal fan is preferred.

    When rotated air is sucked into the center hole, it is coupled via a gearbox and connected to the engine 2) Thrust propellers: An aircraft type propeller with variable type pitch blades. Diameter ranges from nine feet to nineteen feet. In bigger crafts the propellers are rotated while in smaller ones, rudders are used. 3)  Skirt: Flexible strip which is fitted below the bottom edges of the plenum chamber. Skirt design is the most sensitive design parameter as it protects the craft and helps to lift it even higher. Dealers and supplier of Hovercraft in world ASIA * CHINA INDIA * PAKISTAN * MALAYSIA * THAILAND EUROPE * FINLAND * FRANCE and SPAIN * ITALY * ROMANIA * UKRAINE MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA * KUWAIT * TURKEY NORTH AMERICA * CANADA * UNITED STATES SOUTH AMERICA * ARGENTINA * BRASIL * PERU Distributor of Hovercraft in Pakistan Askari Aviation For vacation and adventure, Askari Aviation opens wonderland of four most exciting ranges in the world, the Karakorams, the Himalayans, the Hindukush and the Pamirs, through Helicopter safaris i. e. “FLY”, “Fly and Hike”, “Fly, Drive and Trek” or can be even tailor made to your requirements.

    Of the fourteen peaks that rise above 8000 meters, five nestle in these ranges in Pakistan. Four of these surround Concordia i. e. K-2, Broad Peak and Gasherbrums. Couple this with 8th wonders of modern world the Karakuram Highway, traversing along mighty River Indus and crossing at Khunjrab above 16000 feet on Pakistan China Border, presents a lifetime opportunity to visit on holidays. That is not all, some most spectacular canyons, lakes, and land locked civilization like Kalash are unique tourist products.

    Askari Aviation is today engaged in providing quality aviation services of helicopter for adventure, safaris, rescue, crop dusting, cargo transportation and policing. In addition to its integral fleet of helicopter and aircraft, Askari Aviation enjoys the backing of Pakistan Army Aviation. We are also providing International charter services to Pakistan Army, for its peace keeping troops with United Nation deployed around the world. Corporate Office:5-A The Mall, AWT Plaza, Po. Box No. 336, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Company Office:House # 21, Chaklala 1, Rawalpindi,Pakistan. Tel: +(92 51) 5505760-61 Fax: +(92 51) 5590414 | DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL Data Not Available BRUNI INTERNATIONAL Data Not Available Manufactures of Hovercraft Worldwide 1. Griffon Hover work – Major UK based Hovercraft manufacturer 2. Hovertrans Solutions – Manufacture heavy lift commercial Hovercraft 3. BBV Hovercraft – Bill Baker Vehicles – racing & cruising craft 4. Flying Fish – Snapper & Marlin recreational craft 5. HovPod – UK based light Hovercraft 6.

    K&M Products – Eagle range of craft – crafts & parts 7. Vortex Hovercraft – A range of racing & cruising craft 8. Airlift Hovercraft – Australian manufacturer of 6 – 25 seat craft 9. Ivanoff Hovercraft AB – IH-6 Hovercraft in Sweden End Notes/ References http://wiki. answers. com/Q/What_is_hover_craft#ixzz1TBrSIFYa http://www. slideshare. net/hovercraft/how-to-buy-a-hovercraft http://news. softpedia. com/news/How-Does-the-Hovercraft-Work-53627. shtml http://www. griffonhoverwork. com/case_studies/8 http://www. askariaviation. com/

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