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Smart shopping cart team

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Customers would be their own cashier and shopper. When the customer first walks in to Shop Rite they will have the option to use a basket, a shopping cart or the Smart Shopping Cart Once the customer picks the Smart Shopping Cart, they can begin on the new shopping experience.

Customers grab items they would want to purchase then they can scan the item. In which the window would open from the top of the cart to place your item in the cart.

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Smart shopping cart team
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When shopping is complete the customer would simply roll in to cashier line where purchase list is electronically sent over to cashier for payment. 4 PROJECT SCOPE This project is for Shopping Smart Shopping cart. Supermarkets are typically characterized by a large number of checkout stations across the ‘front-end’ of the store. These stores generally experience large volumes of customers each day with transactions that contain a high number of lower value items.

Customers shop by placing their selected merchandise into shopping carts and unload the items onto a belt that brings the items to the cashier.

Cashiers eceive the items at the end of the belt and slide the items across an in- counter bar code scanner. During this process other customers have to wait in the queue. To reduce this waiting time we can use shopping cart with barcode reader. Customers can scan their items during shopping and load into this cart. At the end they have to only pay near the counter. This project is to build a barcode scanner for the shopping cart.

December 1, 2014 4. 3 Organizational Impacts Organization Impact to and Participation of Organization Shop Rite possible loss Of human to human contact Increase of theft tech niques System failure and malfunctions Being innovating and the first company to bring Smart Shopping Carts to stores 4. 4 Project Deliverables Milestone Deliverable Fund approval Approval statement for ShopRite CEO Resource allocation List of Resource name and Contact information from each group ( BAr DEV.

QA ,DBA) Contract sign off Third party contact sign off Project plan completion PM to publish a Project plan and receive sign off from each group Initial phase completion Business analyst to create business requirement document Analysis Phase completion Business analyst to complete system.

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