Social Issues – Acculturation

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Acculturation- A way of bringing in or adopting a new culture into your life. And example of acculturation would be if someone of White American decent brought the Native American culture into his or her life. Assets- something that a culture or race needs in order to fulfill their heritage or beliefs. An example of an asset would be food for the culture that they would need in order to live. Assimilation- Somewhat close to the definition of acculturation but assimilation deals more with bringing only a few traits from a previous culture into your life instead of adopting a whole new culture itself. Japanese Interment Camp- this refers to the forced relocation of roughly 110,000 Japanese to war relocation camps. Jeff and Erick had talked about this in their final project and had said that it was not the ideal place to be at that time. a Race is about Land and Worka – this phrase has been said for many generations throughout all races. Throughout the course we had talked about it and what I got out of it was that depending on how much land you have or how you use your land and also what you do and how much you get paid for working a lot of times deals with race. Northrup on Mascots- In Northrupas perspective Native American mascots should be shut out as he says in an article of his that I had read. He says aˆ?those who think we are being honored by using Indian mascots must have a franchise on stupidity. He also mentioned that in his field of dreams, it wouldnat happen. Northrup on Spear Fishing- Not only did I read stuff out of the book on his perspective on spear fishing but I also had read an article about it and he has said that it is just a way of life that they have always had and mentions that a some people opposed to spear fishing say we should do it like it was done in the treaty signing times. Go back to the birch bark canoe and flaming torch. Why should we be stuck in the last century?…Ill go back to birch bark canoe when you go back to.

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