Our World and Social Problems

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21 years ago, I entered the world in a small Iowa town. However, my dad’s job prompted us to move to Illinois, where I grew up with my dad, mom, two brothers, and two sisters. When I turned 15 and finished my first year of high school, we moved again. It was tough at first to adjust, but as I started attending school and making new friends, it got easier over time. As a result, Arizona has been our beloved home for the last 6 years.

Following high school graduation, I embarked on an internship at a reputable company in Phoenix. This experience enabled me to gain practical skills as I worked alongside the human resources team. Moreover, it provided the flexibility to further contribute to the company by returning during college breaks.

I have attended college in South Carolina for the past three years, but this semester I decided to return home and enroll in community college. The reason for this change is financial, as well as having only minor classes remaining. Fortunately, all of these classes will count towards my degree. My minor is Social Studies, which I selected because I didn’t start a minor program early enough to pursue my initial interests. So far, the only social studies class I have taken was Introduction to Sociology last semester. In addition to this class, my current enrollment includes Physical Geography, American Government, Micro Economics… and for some extra fun, Volleyball!

Assuming everything goes according to plan, I will finish my BA in Interior Design next spring. I have a strong passion for my field and am currently interning at an Interior Design firm in Scottsdale during the fall semester. In addition to my college courses and internship, I also work part-time, making this semester very busy. However, despite the hectic schedule, I am excited about this class and eager to broaden my understanding of global issues and societal challenges that directly affect us.

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