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Over 21 years ago I was born in a little town in Iowa. Because of my dad¡Çs work we moved to Illinois. It was there where I spent most of my childhood years, with my dad, mom, two brothers and two sisters. At age 15 after my freshman year in high school, we moved once again. It was a hard adjustment to make at first, but soon after we moved, school started and I was able to make many new friends. So, for the past 6 years our home has been in Arizona.

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My Autobiography
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After graduation from high school I started work as an intern in a human resources department of a large company here in Phoenix. Here I learned many useful skills and was asked to return each summer and Christmas break during college if interested.

I have gone to college for the past three years is in South Carolina, but this semester I decided to come home and attend community college. The main reason was finances, but I also have only my minor classes to take this semester and all should transfer back and count towards my degree.

My minor is Social Studies, mainly by default because I didn¡Çt start into a minor program early enough to do what I had initially desired. The only social studies class I have taken was Introduction to Sociology last semester. This semester, in addition to this class, I am taking Physical Geography, American Government, Micro Economics… and Volleyball just for fun!

If all goes as planned, I will be graduating this next spring with a BA in Interior Design. I love my major and am doing my internship for an Interior Design firm in Scottsdale this fall. Among college classes and my internship, I also work part time, so things are going to be busy this semester. I am excited about this class and look forward to learning more about our world and the social problems we find around us or even those we experience in our own lives.


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