Social Service: Improvement of Social Conditions

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Man is chiefly a member of a societal community. He should non merely be concerned about himself but besides for the public assistance and development of society as a whole. It is genuinely said that “Jana-Seva” is “Janardhana-Seva” . The feeling of complacency that comes when one sees the unshed cryings of joy in the eyes of one whose hungriness has been appeased. whose thirst has been allayed and whose demands are fulfilled is so heavenly. The service rendered by an person or an establishment to better the societal conditions of society is called ‘social service’ .

This service is rendered on human-centered considerations and without any motivation of net income. Merely those people to whom the involvements of society are more of import than their personal involvements come frontward to render societal service. Social service is based on the ideal of brotherhood of adult male. It is a natural urge to assist work forces in hurt. It is a baronial urge. It can non be rendered without an component of selflessness. One has to pass clip and energy for it. Nowadays adult male is concerned merely about his ain public assistance.

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Duties. baronial ideas. responsibilities towards society have been pushed to the background as the centre-stage is occupied by a rat-race for mercenary trifles. In a state like India. societal service occupies an of import topographic point. It is specifically stated in Article 38 of our Fundamental law that “the State shall endeavor to advance the public assistance of the people by procuring and protecting every bit efficaciously as it may. a societal order in which justice-social. economic and political-shall include all the establishments of the national life” .

In five decennaries of planning. the societal public assistance services were aimed at the public assistance and the development of kids. adult females and the physically and socially handicapped of the society. Social service is non confined to stray workss and words of charity towards the handicapped. helpless or the poorness stricken. Doctors can function by go toing to the ailing without being influenced by ideas of monetary additions. Engineers and contractors can function humanity by making their occupations expeditiously and diligently. without being clouded by greed.

Businessmens can make societal service if they pursue their work candidly as a career. Public retainers will be of great service to humanity if the immoralities of corruptness and adrift impetus are rooted out and replaced with the seeds of the true spirit of service nurtured by good moralss and strong human values. Politicians can function by replacing unity and nationalism for Acts of the Apostless of self- saving. So. for making societal service the lone thing which is of import is the strong will to make something for the improvement of the society.

The societal services screen for kids includes incorporate development of kids. attention and protection to abandoned. neglected. unwanted. impoverished kids. puting up foundling hospitals for working and ailing mothers’ kids. nutrition programmes etc. A National Children’s Fund was constituted by the Government during the International Year of the Child in 1979. India has besides been associated with United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund ( UNICEF ) since 1949.

Programs are being implemented for the early sensing and intervention. instruction. preparation and rehabilitation of handicapped individuals. viz. . the blind. the deaf. the orthopedically handicapped. the mentally retarded. spastics and the Hansen’s disease cured individuals. Social public assistance steps at the Government degree touch merely a periphery of the job. It is non possible for the Government to make out to every individual who needs aid. Therefore. voluntary administrations can and should supplement the Government’s attempts in a large manner in this baronial undertaking.

In position of the illiteracy. ignorance. superstitious notions and societal immoralities prevalent in our state. the demand for societal service has assumed a certain urgency. Of class. societal service can non be a whole clip activity. It is so adequate if people with missional ardor give 2 or 3 hours a twenty-four hours for societal service. Students can take to societal service during their summer holidaies. Similarly. retired individuals can be of great aid. Housewifes are usually free from their day’s work by 12 P. M.

They excessively can volunteer for societal service. There are a figure of countries in which societal service is called for on a mass graduated table. First of all. groups of educated people can travel out to small towns and educate the nonreader. In India about 35 % of the people are illiterate. Even our modest attempts can lend to the remotion of illiteracy from our state. Our small towns lack sanitation.

Social workers can run into the villagers and educate them about the demand for sanitation and cleanliness. About 72. 2 per cent of India’s population lives in small towns. If our small towns look orderly and clean. our state will get a new expression. The decease rate is much higher in small towns because of the deficiency of medical installations. Villagers need to be enlightened and encouraged to protect their kids from deathly diseases by holding them inoculated. Inoculations give unmunity from diseases like enteric fever. whooping cough. diphtheria. Hansen’s disease. T. B. . infantile paralysis etc. When Government functionaries approach villagers. the villagers distrust their claims.

Social workers can make a better psychological consequence on villagers and explicate to them the advantages of vaccinations. India’s population is turning at an dismaying rate. It has already crossed the 1. 027 million grade and India has become the second- most thickly settled state in the universe. Social workers can make great service by seting across to villagers the message of household planning. In metropoliss and towns. slums are coming up due to big scale migration of people from small towns to metropoliss. These slums lack sanitation.

There are no civic comfortss at all. Life in slums is suffering. Peoples populating in the slums indulge in distillment of illicit spirits. sale of narcotic drugs and other felon or antisocial activities. There is a desperate demand to establish cleanliness thrusts in these slums. Particular programmes should besides be undertaken in these countries so that people who have gone astray can be brought back to the right path. In our state. Mother Teresa rendered great societal service by functioning 1000s of hapless. needy and impoverished people.

She set an illustration of what societal service can make for the agony humanity. Voluntary administrations like the Bharat Sewak Samaj. Sadhu Sewak Samaj. Servants of the People Society. Ramakrishna Mission. Arya Samaj and many other societal public assistance and voluntary administrations are making a batch of good work for people in different domains of life. Let each adult male uphold the ideal of “Help of all time. ache never” as his slogan and lend his spot to do the universe order politically powerful. socially stable. economically efficient and spiritually strong.

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