Space exploration is a waste of money

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There is an ongoing argument regarding whether the allocation of funds towards space exploration is a waste, given more pressing matters like poverty reduction and environmental protection on Earth. However, I strongly disagree with this standpoint due to two reasons. Firstly, numerous technologies we now rely on were initially developed as a result of space exploration. For instance, satellite technology plays a vital role in broadcasting and weather forecasting. The absence of satellites would mean being unable to witness global events as they occur or provide early warnings for approaching storms. In addition, space research has led to the creation of lightweight materials that offer heat protection and enable food preservation. Thus, the pursuit of sending humans into space often expedites advancements in technologies that enhance our daily lives. Secondly, since we cannot foresee the distant future, it becomes crucial to cultivate the ability to surpass our planet’s limitations.

Humanity is gradually discovering how to sustain life in space and potentially journey to other planets. It is crucial for us to continue venturing into space, despite the serious problems faced on Earth, because our dependence on the environment persists. By exploring new worlds, we can acquire valuable knowledge that would be lost if we stop. Additionally, this pursuit will foster technological progress and offer a potential escape route if Earth becomes uninhabitable in the future. Ideally, all nations should collaborate in advancing space research.

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