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Soviet Union – Reign of Joseph Stalin

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  • Pages 3
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    Joseph Stalin ruled the Soviet Union from 1924-1953. Many political, social and economic changes occurred during this period. Joseph Stalin was a follower of Communism. He was actually thrown out of school for studying Marxism. Joseph Stalin was a communist. Stalin had rose to power by physically getting rid of his rivals. Joseph Stalin had killed many people. Some people say he killed more people than Hitler. He had killed his own people because they refused collectivization. Joseph Stalin came to power after the death of Vladimir Lenin. Joseph Stalin also came up with the Five Year Plans.

    Stalin made many changes. Some people thought they were good, but some thought it was bad. One area Stalin influenced the Soviet Union was in politics. Some people viewed those things positively. For instance in document #6, Stalin is showing leadership skills by warning everyone about the Nazis (Germans). He is also notifying everyone to utilize the “scorched earth” policy by destroying food and all valuable property. And in document #8, there is an official government pamphlet which is about Joseph Stalin. The pamphlet was written in honour of his seventieth birthday.

    In the pamphlet it is written that Stalin is great for the victory of the proletarian revolution and the creation of the Soviet social and state system. But, others viewed him negatively, For instance in document #1, Nikolai Lenin is talking about Stalin and him being a leader. Nikolai Lenin thought that Stalin was unfit to be a leader. He was rude and didn’t know how to use his power. And in doc #5, Stalin had executed almost all of his officers. He had about 172 political officials and officers. Stalin had executed about 162 of them. He also had 684 military officers, but he also executed them and had 434 left.

    Another area that Stalin had influenced the Soviet Union was socially. Some people viewed things positively. For instance in document #6, Stalin is making aware of the people that the Nazis are coming. And he is calling for the “scorched earth” policy against the Nazis. Some people viewed those things negatively. For instance in document #3, a famine had occurred in Ukraine. All the villagers were famished and they had no crops. If the villagers went to the fields to look for crumbs and little pieces of grain left by the harvest, then the communists would arrest them and shoot at them, and send them to Siberia.

    And in document #4, it states that communists believe that religion is based on science. A danger that the churches might offer to the communists is that they might poison the minds of the communists. But, one of his policies had both positive and negative outcomes. For instance in document #7, the literacy rate had increased under the communist rule. But, Stalin could use this increase in the literacy rate by brainwashing the Soviet people. Another area that Stalin influenced the Soviet Union was in economics. Some of the things he did had both positive and negative outcomes.

    For instance in document #2, Stalin had come up with the Five Year Plans. During the Five Year Plans, production of the industrial products had increased a lot. But, there was no great emphasis on the production of the consumer goods. The production woolen cloth had not really increased. Moreover, the production went down and then came back up again. In conclusion, Stalin helped influence in politics, economics and socially. Many of those people took those things positively and some people took it negatively. But, overall he helped the Soviet Union improve.

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