Steve Jobs Think Different Leadership has Changed our Lives Research Paper

Santa Clara County was a growing place for computers. After the Soviet Union launched the Sputnik in 1957, the country engaged billions of dollars to technology companies. So, as Steve grew up in Los Altos he became more interested in electronics. When Steve went to high school he enrolled in a electronics class. He also had a summer job at HP. Steve and his friend Wok managed to build ” blue boxes ” Which allowed you to make calls for free. Steve got a job at Atari, which was a clear inspiration to start Apple. Here is when his career all started. While Steve was working at Atari in

India, Hewlett Packard hired his friend Wok. Wok showed his computer design to Steve, Steve was very impressed. Wok and Steve needed $1 ,OHO to start building the first boards. Steve sold his Volkswagen van and Wok sold his HP 65 calculator. Apple computers first order was from a homebred named Paul Terrible. Paul was starting a computer store called ” Byte Shop ‘ . He ordered 50 computers for $500. 00 a piece. The parts for the Apple were $220. 00 but the computer was sold for $500. 00. Mike a former Intel worker drew pupa business plan for $250,000. 00 to build 1,00 machines.

Mike also insisted that Apple advertised the new invention. As most people already know Steve Jobs invented the phone. He also invented many other helpful electronics. Like the Imax for searching the Internet doing projects and much much more. The pod(s) for listening to music, watching a movie, or just playing a game. The pad but, Steve had some help from his developers’ for that one. The Mossback’s and a lot more to come. In many ways Steve has made all of our lives easier in many ways. In conclusion, Steve was a very smart man and all of his inventions continue to help us all everyday.

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