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Sunway Lagoon Water Park

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Most of the people who spend a life time on this planet spend their entire lives earning money and A luxurious life for themselves and their families while only handful of people out of the entire Population devote their lives not only to support their families but also to support those who can not Support themselves. One of these people was Sheikh Ata-ur-Rahman Sarwana.
He began his journey with a mere dream of educating the youth Pakistan and hoping that this Service to mankind would help him ensure a small place in heaven.

To fulfill his noble dream, he decided to build a mosque on the National Highway, but during its construction Sheikh Ata-ur-Rahman Sarwana departed from this world leaving behind two sons Sheikh Imtiaz-ur-Rahman Sarwana and Sheikh Sikander Rahman Sarwana to carry on his noble work.

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Sunway Lagoon Water Park
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One brick laid as the foundation of the Sunway Lagoon Water Park was gradually built into a wall and then from tremendous hard work came Sunway Lagoon Water Park itself, guaranteed as the best water park in Pakistan.

While many people believe it to be a profit maximizing firm, in reality Sunway Lagoon was truly set up as a charitable organization has been saved to be used for the Construction of Sunway Lagoon Academy.
Sunway Lagoon Academy was initially a dream of Sheikh Ata-ur-Rahman Sarwana but after him, his two sons have made it their first priority. It is being built with a clear vision to help mankind, to help those who can’t help themselves . It would provide the best education possible of the highest Standard to the poor children of Pakistan so that they may be able to secure a stable future for themselves and their families .The Academy would also serve as a hostel where the children would be able to live in a competitive environment which would prepare them for the real world. They would be able to deal with different kinds of people so that when the time comes for them to face the real world, they would be ready, the cost of each child’s education.

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