Observation Assignment at a Park Essay

Common knowledge is that parks are one of the favorite places that people like to visit - Observation Assignment at a Park Essay introduction. The main reason for such statement is that we can relax, interact with nature, and walk there. Nowadays, in the epoch of great technological development, simple parks become rather annoying for people. Still, it is not a great problem because in the USA we can find the playground of a new era that brought new colors to the standard pictures of the ordinary parks.

Have you ever heard about the Freeze-Frame assignment? If no, we’ll tell you. This is an activity when you, for some time, sit in one place and explore the terrain. In this case, we want to tell you about the Hayden Park, so-called park complex. Hayden Park is located in South Phoenix, Arizona. This place is difficult to call sweet. Even though Hayden Park is a typical Valley of the Sun type park, where there should be a lot of greenery, places for sports activities (football, basketball at least), picnic tables; in Hayden Park you cannot find it.

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Observation Assignment at a Park
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The same we could say about visitors to the park. While we conducted my Freeze-Frame, we saw only a few people. The first was a young Hispanic man who rode his bike for a few minutes around the one building in the park and left us. After that, I met another Spanish-speaking man with a small child, who rode on a swing. And two more: an employee of the park, who was cleaning up the territory and checking sprinklers, and an ice cream man who was passing by our friendly campaign.

And this is not surprising since the neighborhood consists of a large territory with hundreds of old cars, a fenced park of trailers, a cement plant, passing loud cars and cars, several houses and a large number of billboards, most of which are written in Spanish. In the park itself, you can find a lonely single-story building, painted graffiti and graffiti, and a lot of graffiti. As it turned out, this is due to the fact that creating new styles, graffiti-artists have the opportunity to get a local status. But the drawings were everywhere-on cement, on canopies that covered about ten picnic tables, on garbage cans, on trees… But despite this, it was surprising that the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Saint of Mexico painted on the side of the building, remained untouched. To the same phenomenon can be attributed and basketball net of nylon, which also remained intact. What makes one think about what moves modern youth, making one to honor, and, at the same time, disrespectful to another, for example, to the environment.

Overall, summing up, we can safely say that my Freeze-Frame in Hayden Park was quite an entertaining experience. It allowed us to see the juxtaposition of different subcultures. Where alone, in the desire to obtain a local status, create graffiti, others obviously try to hide this phenomenon, as the park is regularly serviced. Despite all the obvious shortcomings of this place, such as a noisy cement factory and a garbage yard with abandoned cars, we actually enjoyed staying here.

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