Fireworks Topics

Fireworks should not be banned Essay

While dangerous if in the wrong hands, fireworks are still safer than many other things we all use in our daily lives and, therefore, should not be banned. According to hospital records, children at the ages of 5 to 14 uses only nine out of every 100,000 emergency room treatments are caused by fireworks....

The Chinese Fireworks Industry Essay

The Chinese Fireworks Industry While the Liuyang fireworks industry dominated the worldwide industry, Jerry had to decide whether he should invest in the industry. If he did invest, what was the best way to capitalize on the potential that remained unexploited in this industry? He wondered whether he could...

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Chinese Fireworks – to Invest or Not to Invest Essay

Question 1: Is the fireworks industry a “sunset” industry or still worth being in for the long run? Answer: The fireworks industry is certainly a “sunset” industry and it is not worth to be in this industry for the long run. Following are the reasons that would solidify this claim: Firstly, this industry and...

Fireworks and Thesis Statement Essay

Introduction * There are a variety of ways to introduce your topic. You can begin with an impression that conceals your subject. For instance, if you are describing a fireworks display, you could write, "There were so many bright colors and loud bangs I thought we were being attacked. " Alternatively, begin...

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