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Fireworks should not be banned

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While dangerous if in the wrong hands, fireworks are still safer than many other things we all use in our daily lives and, therefore, should not be banned. According to hospital records, children at the ages of 5 to 14 uses only nine out of every 100,000 emergency room treatments are caused by fireworks.

Even pens and pencils cause more injuries and they use 35 out of every 100,000. One of the arguments for the ban on fireworks is that they are frightening to animals.Cindy Phillips, a veterinarian says, “I have dogs and cats which are being rushed in and my office that have been terrorized and terrified by a constant flow of fireworks all year long in the area.

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Fireworks should not be banned
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If people truly care about their pets, they would do research on the internet on how to spare their pets the fear that they, themselves, are putting them through by not taking care of them properly.

If they were to do a quick browse of the internet they would find multiple articles on how to keep their pets calm when the skies lights up at night.

With a though through plan, you can enjoy the excitement of the 5th of November knowing that your pet is safe, sound, and enjoying a little peace and quiet”. Cindy is one of many who joins that fight agaist fireworks. People that support the ban say that fireworks are overly dangerous and people are getting hurt all over.

That simply is not true. Most injuries caused by “fireworks” were not caused by fireworks at all. They were caused by homemade illegal explosives such as M-80’s or silver salutes.That is what gives fireworks a bad image and they are a major reason why people are pushing for a ban of legal fireworks, because they don’t know the difference between legal fireworks and illegal explosives.

Liam Harris (one of the geniuses behind fire works) states, “M-80’s are not consumer fireworks, and haven’t been legal for several decades in the United Kingdom. Any M-80’s that are sold in the United Kingdom are totally illegal (unless sold between licensed manufactures) and the risks of getting caught give many years in prison.M-80’s and silver salutes are filled with three to four grams of flash powder, about 60 times the legal limit and are very dangerous. In fact, they are so dangerous the military originally used them to simulate gunfire and grenades going off in training missions because they had the same sound effects for destruction”.

Possession of one of those devices is already illegal so there is no reason to push for a ban of them. Why don’t we just punish the people who build and buy these illegal explosives instead of punishing everyone who enjoy fireworks and follow the law?For some people fireworks aren’t just something that you shoot on Bonfire Night but, it’s a hobby. People spend hours upon hours of their lives trying to put on the perfect fireworks display. It’s a way of life for these people.

People like that are very safe because they know what they are doing. They are smart because they study the art and science of fireworks. They have done their research and they wouldn’t do something that isn’t safe. If you were to completely ban fireworks you would be taking away these people’s way of life.

Some of them even make a career out of this. How do you think that demolition experts get their start? They start out with an interest in consumer fireworks. What about those professional displays? Do you think that people just go out and start shooting the big ones? No, they start out by making a display in their back gardens. They then take that interest and pursue it as a career.

So without fireworks you would not have the public displays that loved by families, especially children and many will have a loved job taken away.If firearms are legal, why shouldn’t fireworks be legal as well? Fireworks cause far fewer deaths per year than firearms. On average, 500 deaths per year in the Country are firearm related, whereas fireworks only cause 250 injures and few deaths. In addition, firearm injuries are more dangerous to the public than fireworks.

According to England’s Research Center the cost of medical treatments and emergency services due to firearms was i??3 billion pounds a year while the cost of medical treatments from firework injuries is only i??8 million.Consumer fireworks that are sold in stores not dangerous if used properly. The problem is many people don’t use them properly. We should all know now by now that we should not hand a three year old a toy containing small parts for them to choke on, but every year 650 children under the age of five are injured from sparklers.

That isn’t the sparklers fault. That’s the parents fault for being irresponsible. A little knowledge can go a long way. Many members of the public say, “We need to broadcast public service announcements on T.

V. and on the radio for the few weeks before fireworks go on sale”. That would defiantly help but it may not be enough. Another option recommended by shopkeepers is, “If people over the ages of 16 would want to purchase fireworks you would have to complete a firework safety course to purchase them.

It could be like a safety class where they teach you how to use all the various types of fireworks correctly and show you what can happen if you choose not to.When you complete the class they will give you a consumer fireworks certificate that you must present to the shopkeepers when they want make their purchase of fireworks”. Not only will that inform people on how to use them safely, it will also prevent some people from using them harmfully, thereby cutting down the number of injuries, deaths, ECT. I hope you now realize that fireworks aren’t to blame.

The blame should be put on all of the ignorant people who gave fireworks its name of being dangerous.There are ways to keep fireworks out of the hands of these people and I have given you a few ideas on how to do that. Now all we need to do is take action and let our ideas be heard. I cannot do that by myself.

I need your help to keep fireworks legal. This is an important matter and all should be concerned about it. We should write to who ever is involved with running our country and tell them how we feel about this issue. Surely that will get their attention?

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