Intelligence Topics

The intelligence test Essay


I will be writing a story about an American Family, who has a very intelligent twelve year old child. Who has to undergo an Intelligence test, to see how bright he actually is. After a few hours of waiting, the results return and prove to be conclusive, and, as a result the boy is forced to have his...

Positive Psychology Essay

In this assignment I will discuss the relevance of Emotional intelligence. I will also discuss how Emotional intelligence is preferred over the Intelligence quotient also known as your i. q. Many scientists believe that emotional intelligence trumps your i. q. because; it helps to propel you through life....

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Alfred Binet’s Role in Intelligence Testing Essay

Alfred Binet was the creator of the first modern intelligence test of the world. He observed a lot of children and came up with a scale of testing intelligence level of children. His scale of intelligence testing led to an understanding that different people have different IQ levels and everyone follows...

Learning for Gifted Children Essay

For my assignment, I got the opportunity to learn more about exceptional learners. I took an in depth look at what defines a child as gifted, how the life course of the gifted can be described, and some options for educating students who are gifted. I began by taking a look at what defines a child as...

Multiple intelligence revised Essay

When I was young, I always wanted to play the guitar. I had an aunt who was part of a musical group and she was their guitar player.  She inspired me because for me, the music she created was beautiful.  However, I was a bit afraid to ask her to teach me because I was afraid that I might not become a good...

Models of Intelligence Essay


Intelligence commonly refers to  capabilities to form ideas, find solutions to a problem, think in an abstract manner, comprehend languages, and learn new skills. We all owe these aspects to intelligence. Yet intelligence is a vague notion that psychologists have a myriad of theories in order to ...

Ethical Considerations Related to the Concept of Artificial Intelligence Essay

A common theme in science fiction is the awakening of machines invented by man, taking over the fate of humanity, most of the time either to enslave humanity or to destroy it completely. Generally speaking, the concept of artificial intelligence is so fascinating, but worrisome as well. One consideration...

Emotional intelligence and sales methodology Essay

This study seeks to determine the relationship of Goleman’s (1980) construct of emotional intelligence to excellent sales performance of sales agents in the real estate industry in terms of annual dollar earnings. Furthermore, this study will provide evidence that levels of emotional intelligence is...

Emotional Intelligence Essay

The concept of emotional intelligence has proven itself a catalyst to the thinking and planning of educators, foundation officers, and policy makers. It offers a unified way of looking at what had been seen as only loosely related efforts in primary prevention. For example, under this banner, policy makers...

Types of inteliggence Essay


·         Linguistic and verbal intelligence - good with words

·         Logical intelligence - good with math and logic

·         Spatial intelligence - good with pictures

·         Body/movement intelligence - good with activities

·         Musical intelligence...

Future Shlock Essay

In 1918, over 500 million people across the world were affected by an influenza pandemic. 50 to 100 million of them – 3 to 5 percent of the world’s population at the time – were killed. In 1976, approximately 3,000 people died from the same disease – roughly 0.00007% of the world’s population at that time....

Accurate and Timely Intelligence along with Effective Tactics Essay

Intelligence plays a critical role in problem solving process and as such the effectiveness of a decision largely depends upon how the intelligence is collected and processed. Intelligence therefore is of critical importance because the overall degree of success and failure depends upon it however, it must...

Theory of Multiple Intelligences Essay

Gardner is renowned in the field of educational research and development for his theory of multiple intelligences which seeks to challenge long-held assumptions about intelligence- traditionally seen as a single measure of intelligence. He was a critic of the idea that there exists but a single human...

The Pros and Cons of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale Essay

The Pros and Cons of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-III) Introduction This paper discusses the pros and cons of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-III). First, important definitional, theoretical issues, including the nature of intelligence, a brief history, and pros and cons are...

Intelligence Versus Iq Essay

Discuss the evidence for the genetic and environmental contributions to individual intelligence, and explain what psychologists mean by the heritability of intelligence. Genetic contribution to intelligence does exist, yet it does not necessarily predict or determine one’s intelligence. Findings by...

Is Technology A Complete Benefit To Humanity? Essay

Have cellphones, computers, and other forms of technology changed our standards of living? The progression of technology has made many aspects of our lives easier than the day of our parents, and their parents before them. Technology affects our everyday lives in various ways, although in spite of their...

My own Multiple Intelligences Survey Essay

My own Multiple Intelligences Survey results suggest that my strengths lie along the Musical and Logical intelligence areas. This is understandable since I love listening to music. I easily pick on rhythms, beats and other noise patterns around me. Listening to sounds in nature soothe me whenever I am...

Multiple Intelligence Theory: An Avenue to Explore Your Potentials Essay

Multiple Intelligence Theory: An Avenue to Explore Your Potentials
I remember the days when our teacher always praise one of my classmates who was good in declamation and another classmate who is good on math problems. Honestly, I felt at an early child that I am not that good in terms of learning process....

Change is Intelligence from William Stern to Dr. Howard Gardner Essay

Change is Intelligence from William Stern to Dr. Howard Gardner
                Everyone understands the word intelligence, but do they truly understand the concept or is it just something people are or are not throughout history.  The public believes that intelligence is just a way to say if some one is...

The Explicit and Implicit Theories of Intelligence Essay

The Explicit and Implicit Theories of Intelligence
            Intelligence, the quickness to understand, is explained by two theories according to Ruzgis and Grigorenko (1994), the explicit theories that determine the developmental patterns of intellectual abilities and the implicit theories of...

Multiple intelligence studies and how it affects human learning Essay

It is innate among humans to be fascinated by the different things that they particularly see around them. It could not be denied then that through the years, this particular fascination within the different elements that could be...

MI Theory: An Understanding Beyond Intelligence Essay

MI Theory: An Understanding Beyond Intelligence

If Michael Phelps lived in the 1700s, he would probably not be as famous as he is now. If Michael Jordan did discover and develop his basketball skills, he could possibly be stuck at an office job not really knowing that he’s great at something.  Similarly,...

Charlie Gordon Essay

April 26, 2012 Should doctors and scientists tamper with intelligence? In the novel “Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes, a group of scientists and doctors are experimenting with a process to improve human intelligence. Charlie Gordon a mentally challenged man is chosen to be the subject of the experiment....

Jean Piaget and Cognitive Development Essay

Jean Piaget and cognitive development. Cognitive development is the study of a child's development in terms of factors such as information processing, language acquisition and conceptual resources. A part of both neuroscience and psychology, cognitive development is concerned with understanding how a child...

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