Prose Topics

Discuss the use of ONE of the following in any of the texts you have studied on this course: Symbolism and/or allegory

"Symbolism; the use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities"1, is the definition given in the dictionary. I have chosen to look at how this idea of symbolism is represented within Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel, The Scarlet Letter. This is a novel that is brimming with the use of symbols to represent...

The Real Female Power: Sex – Does it Really Exist?

What if women dominated the world? What if over time the sexual power that women hold over men was wielded in such a way that the females of a nation took power? Is it possible that women as a whole could withhold sex as a means to gain power in a nation? If they were capable would men dominate the world?

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In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and in The Book of Genesis, Victor Frankenstein and the Christian God both create intelligent beings

In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and in The Book of Genesis, Victor Frankenstein and the Christian God both create intelligent beings that are seemingly dependent upon their masters mentally and emotionally. Victor and the Creature are obvious representations of God and Adam, and the events in the two accounts...

Compare and contrast the ways these authors present the oppressive society of their dystopias and the effect these techniques have on the reader

Both novels stimulate the reader's anxieties and fears as they explore the dystopic worlds of 'Airstrip One' and 'Gilead'. All of the aspects and issues that are portrayed in the societies are conveyed using a number of techniques such as the manipulation of the familiar and comfortable with the alien and...

Comment on the way in which Atwood has constructed ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Through the course of 'The Handmaids Tale', Margaret Atwood uses an unconventional and ostensibly unordered form of plot construction to present Offred's tale and certain major themes effectively to the reader. The construction of 'The Handmaid's Tale' is strongly linked to the prime theme of time running...

Using the extract as a starting point discuss how Atwood uses language in the novel as both a tool of oppression and a means of rebellion

"We play two games. Larynx, I spell... the letter C. Crisp and slightly acidic on the tongue. " Scrabble is a game using random glossy letters to spell out words, and communicate. The words Larynx, Valance, Quince and Zygote are what Offred chooses to spell whilst sitting with the Commander using letters to...

The Role of Education in Charlotte Bront(TM)s Jane Eyre Essay

Charlote Bronti?? in her romantic novel Jane Eyre presents factual information and attitudes toward education in the19th century England. As far as is known, during this period people experienced the harmful effects of severe class division typical of the era. At all levels of society boys and girls were...

Consider the Way the Writer Presents the Character of Hatsue in “Snow Falling on Cedars” Essay

Hatsue is one of the main characters in this novel and many chapters are dedicated solely to her and her past, though within the first few chapters the reader is purposely only told certain details which can only amount to a certain judgement of character. In chapter one we are first introduced to Hatsue and...

Does the nineteenth century social problem novel document reality in order to educate readers? Essay

The social problem novel as demonstrated by Gaskell's Mary Barton and Hard Times by Charles Dickens, was an attempt to come to terms with the events of the 1840s, and to communicate to the reader the various implications of these events. Although not political treatises, they nevertheless succeed in...

Poetry Appreciation “Fire The Sun” Essay

This is a poem about a particular housewife who is very different to the other women we have seen so far in the poems. The housewife seems a jaunty, jolly woman even though she 'loved the sink least in all the lands'. She also gives the townspeople reason to be shocked; she openly smokes cigarettes of the...

Langland’s Piers Plowman greatly influenced The Canterbury Tales Essay

Although the themes and preoccupations of The Canterbury Tales1 and Piers Plowman2 are entirely different, both poets seem to have a shared interest in individual human characteristics and variety. The way in which they express these common interests is dissimilar, yet there are certainly comparisons which...

The function of landscape or the environment in Jane Eyr Essay

We must first distinguish between the above options. 'Landscape' seems more restrictive to terms of geography than 'environment', which, as the focus of this essay, I am interpreting as referring to physical surroundings and their effect in creating intangible environmental aspects of the social, spiritual,...

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