Prose Topics

Prose and Morality Essay

Much of the prose and poetry produced during the extended rule of Spain (1572- 1898) were written in the 19th century. With the exception of the works of our nationalists who wrote much in Europe, our insular writing were chiefly composed to enhance the Christian religion and morality, and above all, to give...

Comment on the way in which Atwood has constructed ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

Through the course of 'The Handmaids Tale', Margaret Atwood uses an unconventional and ostensibly unordered form of plot construction to present Offred's tale and certain major themes effectively to the reader. The construction of 'The Handmaid's Tale' is strongly linked to the prime theme of time running...

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Langland’s Piers Plowman greatly influenced The Canterbury Tales Essay

Although the themes and preoccupations of The Canterbury Tales1 and Piers Plowman2 are entirely different, both poets seem to have a shared interest in individual human characteristics and variety. The way in which they express these common interests is dissimilar, yet there are certainly comparisons which...

Prose Study – “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Bronte Essay

Gothic genre is style of fiction characterised by the use of desolate or remote settings and macabre, mysterious or violent incidents. It is designed to both horrify and fascinate readers with scenes of passion and cruelty with the supernatural elements and a dark and foreboding atmosphere. This new and...

?Prose Reader “We Are Training Our Kids to Kill” Essay

Prose Reader “We Are Training Our Kids to Kill”
Understanding Details
1. According to Grossman, the “virus of violence” is referring to the increase of murder, attempted murder, and assault rates in not only America but many places around the world. Although the population has been increasing, both the...

Relationship between Knowledge and Self in Montaigne’s Prose Essay

     Michel de Montaigne’s well-known book of Essays was composed as “an exercise in self-knowledge carried out for more than twenty years in Montaigne's private library…  The library was a place of solitude as well as a place of knowledge…” (Ophir, 1991, 163).  The author’s library has been compared to a...

Types of the Author’s Narrative in Modern English Prose Essay

Nowadays an increasing interest is attached to the different types of narratives. The analysis of the types of author’s narrative in the works of modern English novelists allows us to penetrate into the inner world of the author and to define the language structures that are used to create the text itself....

Consolation by Boethius: An Analysis of Prose and Poetry Essay

Consolation by Boethius: An Analysis of Prose and Poetry
            Consolation by Boethius, was written in 524 A.D. while Boethius was in prison waiting his execution.  In his writing, Boethius questioned how God could withdraw his support for an individual and how his friends and supporters could turn...

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