Radio Topics

A five minute radio programm, which would be of a documentary nature Essay

The aims of our production was to meet the brief given to us, which was to produce a five minute radio programme, which would be of a documentary nature about any chosen current issue or topic. The format had to include a theme tune, vox pops, formal interview and links, in order to keep the radio programme...

The Sparrow Essay

The novel begins in the year 2019, when the SETI program, at the Arecibo Observatory, picks up radio broadcasts of music from the vicinity of Alpha Centauri. The first expedition to Rakhat, the world that is sending the music, is organized by the Jesuit order. Only one of the crew, Father Emilio Sandoz, a...

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Life Without Todays Conveniences Essay

You walk into your house today, flick a switch, and you expect a light to come on. You press a button on the remote control and you expect the TV to come on. There are many things you depend on electricity to do each day, from running your well pump if you live in the country to washing and drying your...

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man Essay

For my rhetorical analysis, I chose the book Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man by Steve Harvey. I chose this book, because it is one of my favorites and the advice is great. The bold comments and advice are really an eye-opener. It is filled with tons of advice from Steve Harvey himself, and men. This book...

History of radio in the Philippines Essay

Nichols Field (now Villamor Airbase) - First Test Broadcast Originated Here The First Radio Station in the Philippines
There is a debate on what exactly was the first radio station in the country. In 1924 an American established the first AM radio station KZKZ. But an archive of radio broadcast histories...

The Enormous Radio Essay

The Enormous Radio
John Cheever’s The Enormous Radio is a short story by John Cheever written in 1947. It follows the life of a middle-class white couple whose mundane existence is suddenly disturbed by an unappealing radio. Irene embodies the theme of the story, which is hypocrisy, as she is influenced by...

Is Radio Dead ? Essay

In the century in of modern generation a lot of things have changed dramatically. Technology has improved to such a large extent that it is rendered our lives to become more convineint and comfortable. Mass media such as radio, television and internet are also one such invention which has influenced human...

Effects of Mass Media Essay

Over the last century mass media has evolved and transformed into many different forms; from books and magazines to television and the Internet. Through the ages mass communication has been broken down into eras, such as; oral, written, print, electronic, and digital. The past one hundred years the main...

Boy Who Harnessed the Wind Analysis Essay

William is starving, so is Khamba, so they decide to go out and attempt to hunt - William comments on the tall maize fields that will soon end the starving - Because no food, William uses ash for bait in his bird catch trap. They don’t end up catching anything - Soon Khamba is starving so bad his friends...

Xm Radio Marketing Analysis Essay

This case was written by Professor Michele Greenwald, Visiting Professor at HEC Paris, for use with Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective – 7th edition by George E. Belch and Michael A. Belch. It is intended to be used as the basis for class discussion rather than to...

Multi-Band Carrier Code Division Multiple Access for 4g Mobile System with Improved Signal Quality Essay

World Applied Sciences Journal 12 (3): 330-335, 2011 ISSN 1818-4952 © IDOSI Publications, 2011 Multi-band Carrier Code Division Multiple Access for 4G Mobile System with Improved Signal Quality Jalal J. Hamad Ameen and Widad Binti Ismail School of Electrical and Electronics, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Pulau...

Radiology program Essay

The initiative in creating change has always been an integral aspect of man. Equipped with their relative skills and competencies, they engage in various efforts to create opportunities that will improve their capabilities and cater to the service of individuals. Amidst the trials and difficulties in the...

Hypothesis: What Factors Affect Radiologic Technologists Satisfaction With Their Job and Work Environment Essay

            The aim of this research is to ascertain and analyze the factors that affect the radiologic technologists’ satisfaction with their job and work environment.  Hence the sections covered in this research include research design, population of study, sample and samples size...

Radiography Essay

Radiation is useful in many ways however; it is harmful to human health. Firstly, radiation is dangerous the human body because it destroys cells. According to Cohen (1990, p.25) cancer is caused when radiation penetrates the human body and damages cells. Novick (1969) sums the way by which radiation causes...

Radio Frequency Energy Essay

The increasing use of technology continues to draw persistent debate on its safety on human health and the environment. With the world experiencing potential effects of globalization, the use of mobile telephony and other radiofrequency (RF)-emitting equipments have been designed to enable man...

Radio Free Dixie by Timothy Tyson Essay

Radio Free Dixie by Timothy Tyson
            In this biographical account, the author narrates the convincing and insightful life story of a certain man’s efforts to overthrow Jim Crow as well as the system of white supremacy which described the American southern life in the 1950s.  Robert Williams, the...

Radio Entertainment in 1920s Essay

Radio Entertainment In 1920s "Video Killed the Radio Star" is the debut song of The Buggles released September 7th 1979 but, did not make an impression on the general public until its release as the debut video on MTV at 12:01 August 1st 1981, almost 100 years after the invention of radio. Henirich Hertz, a...

Talkback Radio and Tabloids Essay

Talkback Radio and Tabloids

Words are powerful.  They can move people into action or engage a nation into war.  Such is the power of media.  In Australia, talkback radio is a popular medium for different issues, which are often of political nature.  In the same manner, print and electronic mediums are...

Clear channel & the corporatization of american radio Essay

Clear channel & the corporatization of american radio
            Clear Channel Communications is best known for being the nation’s largest radio station owner.  It has over 1,220 stations in upward of 250 markets nationwide, which makes up a total of 11 percent of all radio stations in the USA.    It...

Are Cell Phones Dangerous? Essay

Are Cell Phones Dangerous Toddra Pamplin English Composition II Dr. Janice Brantley March 12, 2013 Sentence Outline Thesis: Cellular phones are the world’s most popular mobile device used by Americans today, but cell phones are said to be the leading cause of traffic accidents, they are used for cyber...

Mass Entertainment in the 1920’s Essay

Radio dominated the Twenties, with roughly 3 million Americans owning radios by 1923. Most listeners still used crystal sets with earphones to receive news and bulletins, advertising and music. The appeal of the spoken word attracted audiences and advertisers, while publishers were forced to improve upon its...

First Contact Essay

First Contact

            In Carl Sagan’s 1985 book Contact, First Contact was achieved via radio signals intercepted by the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life (SETI) project’s wide array of radio satellite dishes. The idea that the message is actually from an extra-terrestrial was initially doubted but is...

Modern Technology in Daily Life Essay

Can you imagine a world without technology? Well, back then they had no access to any type of electronic. As time went by, electronics has changed over time and influenced others, especially social life. Now technology such as video games and cellular devices has affected us both positively and negatively....

Radio Broadcasting and Telegraphy Essay

Radio broadcasting and telegraphy are both in the media industry. The media industry is a business that is involved in keeping the people aware of the things happening around the world, generating new public interests, and also capturing their imagination through journals, movies, music,...

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