Stalin Topics

How did Stalin take over Eastern Europe between 1945 and 1949? Essay

The Soviet take-over of eastern europe started before the end of the second world war. As the Red Army drove the Nazis westward, Soviet leaders already tried to have friendly government installed into the territories. When World War II ended, it was Stalin's goal to conquer all of eastern europe. Indeed,...

Stalin was able to obtain total power in the USSR by the end of the 1920s because of his cunning and ruthlessness Essay

Stalin is undoubtedly a cunning and ruthless person, which we can see from how he presented himself as “Mr. Average”, how he made use of the character and mistake of Trotsky, his main rival, to marginalize him in the Party, how he made use of the division over policy in the Politburo to manipulate the...

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Is Stalin the Red Tsar? Essay

It can be said that Stalin's policies and ideals were similar in some ways to the Tsars of the Russian Dynasty. However, in other areas, they were completely different in the way they operated. It is therefore to some extent that Tsarist Russia was like Stalinist Russia. This essay will plan to compare and...

Stalin: man or monster Essay

Throughout Stalin's reign, he had his supporters; however, he had far more people who despised him. Stalin was a very suspicious and paranoid man, as Khrushchev told us, and this only grew as his time in power grew to a close. Five out of the 10 sources are against him and four are pro Stalin. One source...

It is true that Stalin was the cause of millions of Russians being murdered and there is sufficient evidence Essay

It is true that Stalin was the cause of millions of Russians being murdered and there is sufficient evidence, which shows Stalin to be a despotic tyrant, but whether he should be condemned for this is a different matter. Stalin was obsessed with power and to make sure he kept it, he would murder anyone that...

Source based work on Stalin Essay

It is very difficult to judge whether he was a monster of not, the argument is strong for both sides of the argument. I will use the evidence provided about Stalin in the sources provided and my own knowledge to come up with a statement that I think would be a fair judgment. To facilitate the comparison of...

Life Under Stalin Essay

Joseph Stalin was able to establish a strong dictatorship over the Soviet Union by being a good organizer and being able to make many people appeal to him and his ideas of a communist society. Although his ideas were misleading, he managed to gain believers and kill off any of those who disagreed with any of...

China and the Cold War Essay

The Cold War was characterised by the tension between the two contending superpowers the United States and the Soviet Union. Yet the position of Communist China under Mao Zedong in the Cold War, in many respects, was not minor but of great importance especially with regards to its relationship with the...

Could the Cold War have been avoided Essay

?Could the Cold War have been avoided? Discuss with reference to the key schools of thought on the origins of the Cold War. The cold war is the product of confrontation between US and USSR, reflected by conflicts of interests in political, ideological, military sphere and so on (Baylis et al. 2010, p51), and...

USSR in the years 1936-39 Essay

One of the definitive factors of Stalin’s Russia is the mass array of terror he cast over his nation during his tyrannous reign which was fuelled by purges of people from all walks of life; this stemmed from kulaks on the collectivised farming to ‘saboteurs’ in the industrial aspects who were said to be at...

Animal farm compare and contrast Essay

“Do not imagine, comrades, that leadership is a pleasure. On the contrary, it is a deep and heavy responsibility. No one believes more firmly than Comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal. He would be only too happy to let you make decisions for yourselves. But sometime you might make the wrong decisions,...

How far did Stalin’s social policies change the lives Essay

Following Stalin's succession to power in 1929, once again, Russia was transformed. As part of Socialism in One Country, Stalin focussed his intentions internally. This involved the notorious industrialisation and collectivisation drives which were intended to reform the economy. Nevertheless, do so, Stalin...

Leadership Style: Stalin, Mussolini, Trump Essay

Leaders are individuals who carry a characteristic persona in them, they have a set of beliefs and paved pathway towards their destined success. Leadership qualities and traits differ with every Leader which is dependent on various factors. Analysing...

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