Theology Topics

The Bible and Theology Sample Essay

This unit introduces pupils to the historical and literary survey of the Bible as spiritual literature. Students will go acquainted with the assorted methodological tools used in the academic survey of the Bible and analyze a assortment of texts utilizing these attacks. Through this unit. pupils will have...

So why History of Ideas?

Numerous people have told me that to grab the reader's attention, an essay should always begin with a quote, preferably of the original sort. That particular one is my friend's summary of her 1st year subject choice of Philosophy in UCD Arts. "A load of pretentious eejits (her actual words have been edited...

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In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world

The history of human thought has been dominated by two fundamental questions: "What is the nature of whatever it is that exits? " and "How, if at all, can we know? " (Magee 1998 pp. 7-8) The claim made in the topic offers a framework of sorts within which those two questions may be explored. The topic states...

In order to find out how things really are, one must understand the filters through which one perceives the world

An atheist is sitting at a bus stop. A priest comes to sit beside him. The atheist asks the priest, "You believe in God, and I don't. Am I wrong in your view?" The priest replies, "Just because I perceive God to be real does not mean you are wrong in your beliefs. My world may be different from yours, but we...

I think, therefore I am

Descartes was one of the first philosophers to delve into the idea that humans were more than just flesh and blood. How a person judged their environment and formed their opinions justified their existence. He began to question how anyone could know anything for sure, if no one was certain of the reasoning...

I am who I remember being

When answering the above question we must analyse the nature of personal identity over time. The problem of personal identity is problematic, as we need to analyse and distinguish what exactly makes a person. We firstly need to distinguish between the body, the brain, personality, the mind and the soul. Some...

How were Surrealists’ interests in dreams and the unconscious reflected in the aesthetic and stylistic features of Un Chien andalou? Essay

Largely free of production constraints, short, experimental and deliberately shocking, Un Chien andalou is considered by many to be one of the most notorious expressions of surrealism on film in the last century. At its most radical, the surrealist movement asked us to rethink fundamentally our...

How effectively does Gittings challenge the view that science is a force for good in, ‘The Fox’? Essay

When reading this poem we can clearly see the difference between the way that Gittings portrays the fox and the way he describes Darwin and human presence on the island. The fox is portrayed as a beautiful, natural creature throughout the whole poem and Gittings talks as though he is awe of it, "Demurely as...

Heaven and Hell are concepts without philosophical foundations Essay

The concepts of Heaven and Hell have always been difficult to identify, as none of us have ever been to either place. So how can Heaven and Hell make philosophical sense if we have never been there? Nearly all of the world's religions have some general concepts of Heaven and Hell. Even eastern religions,...

Heaven and Hell are concepts without philosophical foundations Essay

Over the last decade, the debate about the specific nature of heaven and hell has intensified. Within Christianity there are three main views about heaven and hell. Firstly is universalism, the view that everybody will be saved and go to heaven, secondly is conditional immortality, the view that good people...

God gives life and only God can take it away Essay

To a certain extent I believe in this statement, although not in all cases. I think that each case should be judged on it's own merits. There are many ways in which people can die at the hands of other human beings. Indeed, there are also ways in which people can be given life from other humans.

In the...

Natural theology Essay

            Natural theology is about arriving at truths in nature regarding the existence of a supreme being through reason alone (Engen, 1997). This is in contrast with revealed theology, where truths are revealed through divine revelation. As one may notice, truths using natural theology are readily...

Theological Critique of Karl Barth Essay

Theological Critique of Karl Barth



Just like the rest of the known theologians today, Karl Barth started his life as a normal average person. His parents’ were Fritz Barth (New Testament and Church history professor at Bern, Germany) and Anna Sartorius. Karl Barth was born in...

Theology of Marriage: Brief and Hope Focused Marriage Counseling Essay

            In 2005, Worthington published a book entitled Hope Focused Marriage Counseling: A Guide to Brief Therapy, which centers on the ways in which couples can be helped to save their marriages through counseling which places emphasis on quick solutions. Worthington calls attention to six...

Theology of Human Suffering Essay

What convictions guide you in dealing with your own suffering?
First, I know for a fact that sufferings are life’s inevitable challenges. Through these challenges, there is no easy way out but giving up. However, giving up is the most regretful thing you can ever do in your life. Giving up is not an option...

Theology final paper: The Crucifixion of Jesus in Islam and Christianity Essay

Theology final paper: The Crucifixion of Jesus in Islam and Christianity
            The concept of crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ in the cross has different meaning and implication for the Islam and Christian perspective. In fact, the Islamic perspective do not propose and certainly,...

Theology and Religion: The Rise of an African Hermeneutics Essay

            Theology, being a discipline of religious thought, literally, the study of God, does not remain confined in transcendent statements and to an esoteric and sacred realm. Rather it encompasses all worldly dimensions, and has always had essential significance for cultural evolution and...

Theology: Response Essay

Theology: Response
Response #1
The psalm seems to me hope-filled and exciting as it offers fresh ideas about the God. I think that having the God too close all the time is rather contradictive, and I think that it is right that the David leaved it for people to choose whether it is good or bad. I am quite...

A summary of Terence Fretheim’s Exodus 3: A Theological Interpretation Essay

A summary of Terence Fretheim’s Exodus 3:  A Theological Interpretation

            Fretheim begins his theological interpretation of Exodus 3 by providing an insight into theology and the role that it can play in interpreting and understanding the bible.  He believes that the bible is predominantly a...

Theodicy Essay

            Theodicy is identified as the study of the issue of evil’s existence in the world. It is an argument through which God’s justice is questioned in the context of evil and suffering. The term was derived from the Greek words “theos” which means “god” and “dike” which...

The theology of three Essay

When I first began my independent study of theology, I found Native Spirituality deeply interesting and profound, at the same time. Having been born of the Judeo - Christian tradition, Christianity and its’ origins in the Old Testament were of importance to me too. I was therefore especially excited to read...

The Theology of Suffering Essay

The Theology of Suffering
            For centuries, humanity has failed to comprehend or explain the reason behind suffering.  While religious systems offer an alternative perspective on why people have to suffer, no body, system, ideology, or philosophy has come up with an objective explanation on the...

The Atonement Essay

The Atonement
            For countless centuries, the concept of atonement has been associated with the religious dogmatic view of sin as a violation against the honor of God, particularly; the association has been centered on forgiveness and pardoning of transgressions.  As the rise of secular,...

The Nature and Purpose of the Church Essay

Systematic Theology
THE 1080 The Nature and Purpose of the Church

Would obedience to the following 5 doctrines be an acceptable standard against which all groups claiming to be part of the Christian Church may be measured?

The deity of the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Triune nature of the Godhead.

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