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Technology and Society

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    Over the last 50 years technology has undergone some amazing transformations. However, with the emergence of the Internet, is our ability to access technology on a daily basis a good thing or a bad thing? Technology has advanced so much over the years. Since the turn of the twentieth century our Nation has come to rely on technology such as the internet to get through their everyday life. It has become so popular that it’s been speculated if the World Wide Web were to crash it may very well be a near end to the American Society. The issue of technology being a part of modern life is very controversial.

    Some feel a positive impact from contribution of technology, and that technology helps improve the quality of life. Others see that contribution of technology has negatively impacted modern life and that technology has spun out of control. I believe that the contribution technology has made to modern life has been positive and negative; technology helps improve productivity in manufacturing, quality of life, and education. It also has taught humans how to become a rather lazy individual, and I feel it has had a huge impact on how we perceive life.

    First I will touch basis on some of the negatives on this subject: Americans have just become lazy and rely on technology to run their lives. I remember the days when you actually had go and spend time at the library doing research to write a paper on. I remember when you had to actually write a letter and mail it out to someone or give them a call rather than boot up good ole Facebook and post on the wall. Some people don’t even find it necessary to get out of bed because with today’s technology you have the world pretty much at arm’s length. If you own a phone or laptop you are always connected with people.

    People have become so distracted with social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace that they don’t even realize how lazy they have become from the convenience of it. It used to be that we got our news from the paper, now that the internet is of more convenience many people get up turn the computer on and would rather read there news that way. This is defiantly not a good step for the Newspapers. If the news went global hundreds of people would be out of a job. That’s the last thing we need in today’s economy since unemployment rate is already high enough.

    While we are talking about the unemployment rate I would like to touch basis on the fact that technology has produced the means for robots. The jobs that Americans were doing 20 years ago are now being done by a robot. If this continues the nation as a whole is going to be in over their heads. Unemployment rate is going to skyrocket and so will crime and people on the streets. “There’s been a long-running debate about does technology eliminate jobs,” says David Autor, an MIT economist who spoke at the conference He says it’s not like every job a machine takes over leaves one person permanently out of work. Back at the turn of the 20th century, about 38 percent of all American workers were working on farms. At present, its 2 percent,” Autor says (Morning Addition).

    Machines took over a lot of farm work, but new industries and new jobs were created. It seems to be common that the robots are taking over the highly skilled jobs such as designing, pharmacists, receptionist and so many other things. However we still have a demand in the low pay labor jobs such a maid services, construction workers and cooks. It’s seems to be a rather large worry of the economy that people are eventually only going to be needed for minimum wage jobs.

    Identity theft is another major concern in the advancement of technology, it has become so easy to hack into someone’s computer and steal their private information and ultimately there identity. For years, criminals have been using discarded credit card receipts, , tax notices , bank statements, and other bills (typically found in the garbage can) to gain the personal information necessary to steal another person’s identity. However, these criminals have used today’s technology find new methods of theft in such as cybercrime.

    Computer hacking and email scams known as phishing are included among the risks of sharing information online. Computer hackers are able to enter areas of the Internet where they are prohibited and hack in to another computer network. Once they are inside a computer’s network, they are able to view documents, files, and confidential data and use it for their own personal gain. Phishing, on the other hand, is a method in which people are convinced without the right knowledge into providing their own personal data to a thief who is posing as a legitimate business or agency.

    Both of these cybercrimes have been steadily on the rise in recent years. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, there were more than 9. 9 million cases of identity theft last year in the United States (SJpd. Org). A recent survey conducted by PBS reports that a staggering 70 percent of parents allow their toddlers and young kids to use their iPad. The same polled parents have downloaded an average of eight apps designed specifically for kids (Webroot).

    Many parents question how they are going to keep their young children and teens from accessing all the inappropriate things that are plastered all over the internet including popular social sites such as MySpace and Facebook. Many computers offer a little help such as security software and parental settings. However keep in mind you can try to keep your child from this all you want but eventually they are going to find out. As hard as you may try the little boy next door is probably going to share what he saw in his dad’s playboy magazine.

    Now I will touch basis on a few of the positive aspects that come from the advancement of technology: Bill paying online is one of my favorites. I don’t know about you but I’m always paying the day it’s due; I’m such a procrastinator, I put it off until I absolutely have to do it. With today’s advancements you can pay most bills online the day tis due and you can even have auto bill pay. That is where a bill is automatically taken out of your account each month on a set day with you having to take the time to do it each time. How convenient is that? Another convenience technology has brought is finding sources to help you write a paper.

    Many college students will agree that it is completely convenient to look up information on the internet rather than having to search through hundreds of books just to find the information you need. This saves you time and some patience. Technology helps improve productivity at work by allowing manufactures to produce more in less time using less manpower. The U. S. workforce is progressing in the fields of software and programming, and the nation is building a base for a more competitive infrastructure. This promises to keep manufacturing booming, at least for a little while.

    And finally one of the last things that I want to touch basis on is how the Advancements of modern technology have helped students learn. “As we’ve seen a continuing emergence of technology tools and resources we’ve found that students, particularly those that are struggling, have benefited from their integration through the curriculum. There is a whole variety of tools that are available for teachers, not only to meet the needs of struggling students, but all students, as they attempt to differentiate instruction to meet the learning needs of those in the classroom”(Response to intervention). We know now – based on decades of use in schools, on findings of hundreds of research studies, and on the everyday experiences of educators, students, and their families – that, properly used, technology can enhance the achievement of all students, increase families’ involvement in their children’s schooling, improve teachers’ skills and knowledge, and improve school administration and management”(Department of education 1995). Overall the pros and cons of the advancement of technology seem to balance themselves out.

    There are both pros and cons of every aspect of the advancement. I tend to ride the fence on this situation as I love technology, I don’t know where I’d be without emails, Facebook, or just plain web surfing. Probably on some farm picking crops However it is hard to deny that life would be more natural without all the commotion that has been caused from the digital divide. I feel like many more people would enjoy their life and and actually get to live it without sitting in front of the computer all day.

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