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When did american dream start

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The term American dream most of the time is associated with immigration in the United States, Native Americans also describe it as “seeking the American dream” or “living the American dream. For people from other countries if its mentioned or asked about American dream we come to mind that it is an opportunity to achieve more wealth than they could have in their home countries, for others it is the opportunity for their children to grow up with a good education and great opportunities and for others those who see it as an opportunity to be an individual without restrictions based on race, class, religion, etc.

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When did american dream start
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But is this the reality? The American Dream can be defined as equality of opportunity. For some people this desire is also transformed into wealth in the monetary sense, because the dream is also associated with immigrants coming to a new country in which they find greater opportunities than in their own land.

We have been seeing a United States as the fantastic land full of opportunities , where your life will improve , but they have a mindset that includes all kinds of superlatives.

‘l want to be the biggest , the strongest, the best and richest In the world’ , In other words , his need to succeed Is o that no matter how you get to It , to do enough.

United States promised to be a place where anything was possible, Freedom that offered social and economic equality, a more pleasant place In which to live, where industrialization and technological advances opened the door to the amenities, access too life without many human sacrifices They spend most of his life In search of happiness , and how have the mindset that happiness Is equivalent to money and power miss an opportunity to spend time with his family , which Is where the happiness of everyone to through the love they share.

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