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The Brand Kravet Showroom

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    The showroom brand that I have chosen to make a report on, is the Kravet Showroom. The Kravet Showroom has an astounding background consists of Kravet being a leader in the textile manufacturing industry. They offer one of the most colossal amounts of ranges of colors that you can choose from. They have crafted their reputation for years, to have the most comforting quality of fabrics and textiles. They also offer a wide variety of different types of draperies, fabric, trimmings, drapery hardware, carpet and much more. Kravet is mainly used to home designing, however the fabrics and textiles can be used for absolutely anything that you want to make look better and feel more comfortable. There is a “Kravet Design Studio,” is based in one of the American Fashion Capitals, which is New York City. They have more than 40 showrooms in total, and they also have many warehouses and offices. Some background information on Kravet includes, a Russian immigrant by the name of Samuel Kravet.

    He emigrated from Russia, in 1903, he was a tailor and as soon as he immigrated to America, he started to fund “tailored apparel” to a more deluxe audience in NYC. He began to realize that many of his clients had loved the idea of interior design and them having the ability to design the inside of their homes and offices to fit their liking. After that realization, he began to create mainly tassels, and trimmings, which he would then sell in what is called a “house call.” Because he decided to alter his designs, from apparel to actual interior designs, he became a huge part of a classical advancement, in which his company, itself, was changed into an interior design company. They use various different fabrics. Some of the fabrics that they operate with include, one ‘fabric’ being “Babbitt,” which is made in Belgium literally made with metal, more specifically antimony, copper and tin. Babbitt Vapor can be used for table cloths, curtains, sheets etc.

    They also use a fabric by the name of Savoir- Fair, which was made in Italy and can be used for bedding, curtains, and various other draperies. Another one is the Tousled Pumice, which is made in Italy and made of viscose, linen, and polyamide. It can be considered multipurpose. “Rancho,” was made in India, and it composed of only polyester material. “Affluence,” was made in Italy, has a velvet feel to it and is only made of viscose. Then there was “Zazen,” which is made in India and made of linen, viscose, and spun polyester. “Tinseled,” is a material made in America, and is made of cotton, polyester, linen, and rayon. Shambhala was made in Italy, and made of mostly linen. It has polyester in it as well. Parabola, is a material that was made in India, and made of cotton and polyester. Fermata was created in Turkey, and made of linen, wool, viscose and polyester. Crimped was created in Spain, and made of only linen. “Synchronise,” was created in India, and made most of polyester and then linen. Threadlike was made in the United States, and is made of rayon, linen, and polyester. Quiescent, was made in the United States, and is made of linen, polyester, nylon and cotton. Cabrillo was made in the United States, and is made of cotton, rayon, and linen.

    Ramus was made in Italy, and is made of viscose, polyester, and linen. Rondure is made in India and is made of only linen. “Cliquant” was made in Italy, and is 100 percent linen. Balmy was made in France and is made of wool, linen, cotton, acrylic and polyester. “Floraison” is made in Italy and is made of 100 percent linen. Murmur, is made in the United Kingdom and is made of wool, angora, silk, polyester, and nylon. Olivos, is made in India and is made out of linen, cotton, and polyester. Perlino, being made in Italy, and being made out of linen, viscose, and polyester. Steep, which is made in Turkey and is made of 100 percent linen, and then lastly, Cachuma, which was made in India, and is made of viscose, linen, acrylic, and polyester. Since my major is Fashion Marketing and Management, I suppose that I would use these fabrics when it came to event planning, I would even use them to implicate clothing design into my event planning or interior design for a business. I would also apply them if I ever designed homes, or other spaces. They have various types of fabrics that would make amazing curtains.

    I could take some of the furniture and use it for either interior design of a house, an office space, or a clothing store. At one point, I would even experiment with different fabrics or materials, to actually try to come up with a new material that could be used as curtains, sheets, clothes, table cloths etc. I would see which fabrics go best together, which ones could make something softer, or which two or more materials could be put together to make something feel more coarse and rough. I could use textiles as an opportunity, to not necessarily invent a new textile, or fabric but to improve the qualities, and to make materials more long lasting. The reason I chose this showroom is because I liked how they had a more unique selection of fibers and textiles that could still be used for the same things as many other textiles and fabrics. I found it interesting that you can literally take on, two or three things, fuse them together and make a totally new fabric, like how they did with the “Babbitt Vapor.”

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