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A Pestle Analysis of Mining Industry



Words: 2500 (10 pages)

1. Executive sum-up This study has analysed the investing environment of excavation industry in Mongolia. The PESTLE analysis is considered foremost as a basic narrative of the state of affairs. and so the ratings based on this PESTLE analysis are given to demo the quality of the Mongolian investing environment. From the former analysis it…

Mongol and Russia Effects



Words: 321 (2 pages)

The political impact of Mongol rule was much more significant on the Chinese than it was on the Russians. Fundamentally, the Mongols were nomadic and the Chinese and Russians sedentary. Led by Genghis Khan and motivated by very real economic means, the Mongols established the largest land empire ever known. China lies just south of…

Why I Prefer to Study in China



Words: 475 (2 pages)

All world’s population is 7 billion, 1. 3 billion people spoken Chinese in worldwide, approximately worldwide 1 in every 6-7 person can speak chinese. If you believe Chinese to be one language, rather than a grouping, it is the single most commonly spoken language on the planet. It is spoken in countries like China, Taiwan…

Business Analysis of the SUU JSC: the Most Respected Company in Mongolia

Business Analysis


Words: 4430 (18 pages)

Table of Contents I. Introduction2 II. Operations3 2. 1 Raw milk procurement3 2. 2 Production and distribution4 III. Market Analysis8 3. 1 Overview8 3. 2 Competition9 3. 2. 1 Domestic producers9 3. 2. 2 Imports11 3. 3 Market trends12 3. 3. 1 Key drivers12 3. 3. 2 Projections13 3. 4 SWOT Analysis14 IV. Development and…

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