The Devil and Tom Walker

The Devil and Tom Walker tells about an ancient legend, reported over town to town, about a greedy man made a pact with the devil, this legend took place in a town called Charles Bay near from Boston, Massachusetts. The legend reports that the pirate captain Kid buried his treasures around the town local area, but he never came back, because he was captured and hanged.

This site which is elevated from the water and allows a lookout to make sure that no one is approaching the area where the treasure is, here come the tricky part, the treasure is supposed to be awarded by the devil that’s why the Indian from the town never came closer, but unfortunately someone did and that guy is Tom Walker. Tom Walker was well-known among the town for his pitiful horse, his loud and miserly wife, and the couple miserly habits in which they were conspired to cheat each other.

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One day Tom was in his way to home and he took a shortcut suddenly while he was walking through the trees everything become dark and silent, by his ignorance , he didn’t thought about those scary legend, until he heard a voice and followed until he found an old skull. When he took the Shall , a kind of Indian-black ay appeared and encourage him to make a deal, but Tom refused and leaved.

Tom talks with his wife about what happened in the forest, and she disagreed, because it was a one time opportunity, she left and went to find this devil, but she never came back, Tom all worried go and searched for her and he found her heart and liver hanged in the tree and assumes that she was dead, he wasn’t sad actually he was grateful Tom looks for the devil again, after he found him he became as he moneylender, but after a while he regrets about accepted the deal. Cause he couldn’t escape from the deal he goes to the church and tries to trick the devil, but he ail, in his last try to be free he does a kind of summon with a bible, but he fail again!! So the devil took his horse a send him into a storm and no one never knew about Tom Walker again. Why do people enjoy scary stories?

I think people enjoy scary stories, because they like to think about the supernatural, scary movies are very mysterious and its gives a kind of suspense to the audience. What about this story reminds you of other scary stories you know? Its remind me movie with angels, demons, vampires. Like Constantine , angel & demons, twilight and other.

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