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Audrey Kathleen Hepburn was a movie and manner icon of the 20th century and one of the most darling actresses of all clip. She was born on May 4. 1929. in Brussels. Belgium. As a gifted performing artist. Audrey Hepburn was known for her beauty. elegance and grace.

Born into a affluent household her male parent an English banker and her female parent a Dutch baroness. Her parents divorced when she was immature and Audrey lived in the Netherlands and so London with her female parent where she went to a private girls school. During much of World War II. she studied at the Arnhem Conservatory in The Netherlands. After the Nazis invaded the state. Hepburn and her female parent struggled to last.

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After the war. Audrey continued to prosecute an involvement in dance. She studied concert dance in Amsterdam and won a scholarship in London. She besides began a mold calling. She was spotted by a manufacturer while patterning and signed onto a little portion in a European movie in the Netherlands called 7 lessen in 1948. Later in 1948. Hepburn made her phase introduction as a chorus miss in the musical High Button Shoes in London. She was a chorus miss in Sauce Tartare in 1949. but was moved to a featured participant in Sauce Piquante in 1950. A twelvemonth subsequently. she made her characteristic movie introduction in One Wild Oat in an uncredited function. She went on to parts in such movies as Young Wives’ Tales and a lead function in The Lavender Hill Mob starring Alec Guiness. At the age of 22. she felt she wasn’t acquiring the parts she craved and went to New York. She landed a star function in the Broadway production of Gigi. based on the book by the Gallic author Colette. Her first Hollywood film was in 1951 calledThe Roman Holiday where she was nominated for an Academy award for the first clip and won. She made many films in the undermentioned old ages but the 1s below were some of the most popular.

In 1961. she starred in a authoritative film named Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Holly is a New York City miss who loves Tiffany’s. the jewellery shop. and was determined to get married a Brazilian Millionaire. George Peppard plays her next-door neighbour. a author. who all of a sudden falls frantically in love with her. Trying to think who the right adult male for Holly is non easy and watching how that love affair flower is one of the exciting parts of this romantic narrative. Henry Mancini’s Oscar winning song ‘Moon River’ is played.

In 1963. another great film she starred in was Charade. It’s about Reggie. who is Audrey Hepburn. who wants to disassociate her cold. stubborn. affluent hubby. but person throws him from a train before she gets the opportunity. Left penniless in Paris. and with police intuition. Reggie realizes she is in serious problem because her hubby stole money from three work forces. and now they want it back. Capturing Cary Grant comes to Reggie’s deliverance. but he excessively has hidden secrets. With money nowhere to be found. Audrey and Grant go through Paris toward the startling solution.

In 1964. My Fair Lady became one of the most popular musicals of all clip. Professor Henry Higgins. played by Rex Harrison. bets his friend. Colonel Hugh Pickering. played by Wilfrid Hyde-White. that he can transform a cocky flower miss Eliza Doolittle. played by Audrey Hepburn. in clip for an of import society ball. His gamble could pay off. but the spirited Eliza is more of a smattering than the Professor could hold predicted. As she slowly becomes more refined. and less reliant upon him. Higgins realizes. to his confusion. that he can’t unrecorded without her. The movie was nominated for 12 Academy awards and won eight.

Audrey Hepburn starred in many films over her movie calling. but on top of that she became an of import portion with the charity UNICEF. This organisation helped hapless states around the universe with whatever they needed. The country’s she visited were: Ethiopia. Turkey. South America. Sudan. Bangladesh. and Somalia. These were the old ages of her service. Audrey was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in acknowledgment of her work as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

Yaltopya: March 1988. This was Audrey’s first assignment. In Ethiopia 1000000s were hungering from dearth and drouth. Many were blind because they had non had adequate vitamin A. They had decease cantonments set up due to epidemics. After the trip to Ethiopia Audrey said. “In Ethiopia. I went to the orphanhood in Mecalee … five hundred kids. whose parents died in the drouth of 1985 … which is run by Father Chasade of the Catholic Church.

It was he who in despair said. ‘if you can’t direct me nutrient for my kids. so direct me the spades to delve their Gravess. ” Turkey: August 1988. The precedence for Audrey in Turkey was to assist the six most child killing diseases at that place: rubeolas. TB. lockjaw. whooping cough. diphtheria. and infantile paralysis. She called Turkey “the most lovely example” of UNICEF’s ability to supply aid. UNICEF and World Health Organization both teamed up to assist kids enduring from these six diseases. By 1990 with their high attempts they saved about 3 million lives each twelvemonth. Another job refering kids was in South America on October 1988. In South America kids needed assistance who were populating on the streets. When Audrey was there she decided to construct communities. slums. and shanty towns. These country’s were in Venezuela and Ecuador.

Soudan: April 1989. In Sudan she worked on a undertaking named Operation Lifeline Sudan. Its end was to direct ferry nutrient to southern Sudan. The ferry’s went down the Nile river. The ferry’s brought nutrient. supplies. medical specialty. or what of all time else they needed. Sudan needed these supplies because of the amendss of the Civil War.

Bangla deshs: October 1989. In Bangladesh they had jobs with inundations. dearth besides kids on the streets. Audrey visited the distant countries throughout the state. There she would see schoolroom environments. She would speak the the instructors and assist them with instruction. She would besides learn lessons to the kids. After being in Bangladesh. she had an interview in 1989 in the US magazine McCall’s. She said. ”Anyone who doesn’t believe in miracles is non a realist. I have seen the miracle of H2O which UNICEF has helped to do a world. Where for centuries immature misss and adult females had to walk for stat mis to acquire H2O. now they have clean imbibing H2O near their places. Water is life. and clean H2O now means wellness for the kids of this small town. ”

Audrey Hepburn died on the 20 of January. 1993 in Tolochenaz. Switzerland. Audrey began kicking of abdominal hurting and had laparoscopic surgery where physicians found malignant neoplastic disease in her little bowel that had spread from her appendix. The twelvemonth she died she went through several surgeries to take the tumour but obviously the malignant neoplastic disease had spread excessively much and she died. Her elegance and manner will ever be remembered in movie history as evidenced by her being named one The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time.

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