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The film Wall-E

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    The film Wall-E is a well developed story which grabs a wide variety of different audiences attention while providing humorest entertainment. As the story develops the main character’s purpose shows in addition to his reason for being on Earth. Due to the bad environment that was caused from the humans, leaving Wall-E behind to clean the mess up. In addition this film also shows dystopia which has to do with the environment change relating back to a real world issue although the film isn’t fiction. This film still shows the controversial topic of environment change and the cause of this change.

    In addition this film clearly displays a warning for the near future if things continue the way it is now. Such as Earth not being able to sustain life for us to live relating to a huge change in humanity. One of the main example of dystopia in this film is the environment of the earth in addition to information being withheld from the people. This is showed towards the end of the film when the robot wouldn’t allow the captain to research if there is life on Earth for them to return. This is a example of dystopia which is information being withheld and robots having authority of the humans.

    With my independent research this helped build my claim with evidence of WALL-E being a dystopia film. In the article ​The Dystopian World of Wall-E​ it states “For example, The citizens are always being watched by the robots because the robots are always assisting the humans to see if they require assistance”. This evidence shows a form of dystopia due to the robots having authority over the humans with complete control. Over human activities being assisted by the robots throughout the spacecraft with even the robots teaching the children.

    Another important detail that is interesting based on my research is some believe this world today is a huge major example of a dystopia. With the understanding of the events taking place around us proving the film to be a parellea of the current world of today. In addition within the article ​A list of ways our society is already like Pixar’s dystopia in WALL·E ​ it states “​WALL·E’s ​floating holographic screens aren’t common, but they do exist. What is exceptionally common, however, are adverts plastered on our screens and in particular all over our means of communication. The number of advertisers on Facebook tripled from one million in 2013 to three million​ today”. This evidence shows the parallel of the film to this current time with clear evidence from the film to what we may encounter today such as. The use of technology with with millions of advertisement of something you may have searched. In addition this is something we all can relate to furthermore this improves the claim of WALL-E being a dystopia.

    Another important detail from my research is people also recognizes this movie as a environmental dystopia because the waste that is shown within the film. Demonstrates the huge effect humans have on planet earth for example pollution is provided from actives we take part in such as driving. Furthermore in the article ​WALL-E: a Kid’s Movie with a Grown-up Message

    it states “​As more and more evidence comes out about how waste created by humans is destroying habitats and helping to increase the number of species on the endangered and extinct lists, this movie is reflecting a possible nightmarish future for Planet Earth”. This quote shows the environmental dystopia of the film and humans being the leading cause of this effect. Also this help the audience understand the purpose of why WALL-E was created which is because WALL-E cleans up all the waste the humans created.

    The present condition of earth is experiencing a negative effect of global change which can later lead to a similar look of earth that was shown in the film. We can prevent this from occurring by recycling waste and informing people around the world to take action. Another reason Wall-E is a dystopia is because the world that is shown isn’t well put together which is the opposite of utopia when things are perfect.

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