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Critically examine the role of Community Development



Words: 3673 (15 pages)

The idea of community is found everywhere in contempory social and public policy. We hear of care in the community, community development, the gay community, community of faiths, community mental health and community policing. In its traditional sense the idea of a community was referring to the sense of belonging or identification in a place…

Community Windshield Survey


Words: 611 (3 pages)

Monica Fingers Chamberlain College of Nursing Community Health Nursing INNER Hyacinth Carrion April 28, 2013 The community I have chosen for this paper is The South ward of Newark, New Jersey where the hospital which I work is located. Newark is an urban community consists of primarily of African American and Hispanic population. The South…

Discourse community example


Words: 983 (4 pages)

Due to my advanced skills, was put in the senior soccer team, a feat quite difficult to accomplish for any incoming athlete. That year our school hired a highly experienced coach; he made our school team feel like a real discourse community. Unlike other coaches I’ve had before, his knowledge and wisdom of the game…

Geopolitical: Nursing and Phenomenological Community



Words: 388 (2 pages)

A geopolitical community is defined by Maurer & A ; Smith ( 2013 ) as “a spacial designation–a geographical or geopolitical country or topographic point. Geopolitical communities are formed by either natural or human-made boundaries. ” A river. mountain scope. or a vale may make natural boundaries. An illustration of this is most of the…

Community Interpreting


Words: 2360 (10 pages)

In this essay I would like to explain how professional skilled interpreters can build bridges over language, cultural, racial and national differences. At the beginning I will describe the requirements of the professional code of ethics for interpreters. Later I will explain the meaning of confidentiality and impartiality. I will also evaluate the techniques for…

Reflections of Community Involvement


Ethical egoism

Words: 1400 (6 pages)

Introduction      Teaching is a noble profession since the school of thought began. It is a skill that needs to be cultivated because it requires flexibility for teachers who are faced with different individuals everyday with their individual needs and thoughts. Time. Effort. Insurmountable emotion is at stake.      When I chose Clay High School…

Community and Public Nursing Reflection Paper



Words: 356 (2 pages)

Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection Lorraine Gambino NUR/405 May 6, 2013 Bonnie Schoettle Community and Public Health Nursing Reflection Incorporating preventative recommendations into clinical work can be a complicated and multidimensional obligation. According to Silva, Cashman, Kunte, & Candib, “addressing preventative recommendation alone for patients in a typical day requires in excess of 7.4…

Giving Back to the Community: LeBron James


Words: 652 (3 pages)

The article I have chosen is about LeBron James giving back to the community of Akron. He wants to decrease the dropout rate of students in school by motivating them to stay in school and study. The Akron school area has a dropout rate of 24 percent which is a lot of students giving up…

Importance of community service


Words: 451 (2 pages)

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” This is a famous quote by Winston Churchill talking about the importance of helping others. Community service has been a forever, long service done by generous people in communities in the effort to improve their neighborhood. Those who…

Community and Problem-Solving Policing


Police officer

Words: 1106 (5 pages)

Introduction             This paper will concern itself primarily with community policing and problem-solving policing, two departures from the traditional form of policing that has been in place in many areas of America for years. Presented here will be the two new policing strategies that are being pushed as the new form of policing in contemporary…

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What makes a community a community essay?
A community is established when more than two people share the same values and through time this personal connection evolves into a fellowship governed by rituals, traditions, and a particular form of communication that when taken together makes a group of individuals whether living in a specific geographical area or ... Read More:
What is the importance of community essay?
Community is very important and has many factors like kinship, unity, and identity. Community helps society because it creates solutions, provides security and reveals dedication. It discovers truthfulness. Communities are part of everyday life and have positive affects on its members. Read More:
How do you start a community essay?
In fact, you may even want to start by asking yourself “What aspects of who I am do I want the reader to know?” and then pick the community that will do that in the best possible way. Read More:

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