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The painting The Girl with the Mandolin by Pablo Picasso is an oil painting that belongs to the cubism movement. The painting uses different shapes, colors, and viewpoints to create a single view. The girl in the painting is sitting and looking at the painter, but her head is turned down, indicating disinterest. She seems to have lost everything and is stripped down to her bare self. However, she has gathered the strength to pick up the mandolin and play and sing again, bringing light back into her life. The painting evokes a sense of emotion and captivates the viewer’s eyes.

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Pablo Picasso The girl of the Mandolin painting is an oil based painting. The art is known to be cubism. This was a movement when art had used many different ideas in one painting, and this could be direction, or geographic shapes, colors, different viewpoints that lead to one view point. However the artist did it, and there are many ways this way upheld. However they way Picasso used colors and shapes leading you to his subject.

The girl of Mandolin is painted with the women sitting looking at the painter; which then is opposed to entail the person looking at the art. Her head is shifted down as if she has lost interest in what is in front of her, and now she only cares to amuse herself with what pleases her. She seems to be turned away from disapproval as if she sees no need in it anymore. As she stands free in her own self as she should. As the thought he gives you a hint of lighter color to inlay the abstracts in a more appealing way of her nude body.

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Which is drummed across the page with a broad line of geometric shapes. Even more some of the shapes don’t have names leaving you in a pounded as you search around the painting in a dynamic wonder. First in the Macbeth painting there is an obscurity about the painting, as the man leave a battle to be met by witches. As you’re faced with a battle that captivates your eyes in such a pleasing way it stamps your soul with a thought of stillness as you ponder the next, as the painting paints an emotion into your heart.

Then there is the girl with the Mandolin It sings to the soul a women who has lost all. In a way it was not pleasant. No it was a battle that left her stripped of everything. She has her hair tied back, and her face is turned away no one will see her in pain. For they may have taken it all in such a harsh way that it left a darkness. She has gathered the strength to pick up the mandolin, and she herself bare, and in a way that could be citizen. She begins to play and sing again. The light starts to light her again. She is the girl with the mandolin. The girl with the Mandolin By miscarry

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