“The Diary of A Young Girl”, Anne Frank Analysis

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Anne Franks diary made the horrific event, Holocaust real for people by revealing perceptive but regular teenager who would become perhaps one of Hitter’s best- known volts of the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the systematic, bureaucratic, state-sponsored persecution and murder of approximately six million Jews by the Nazi regime and its collaborators (“Introduction to the Holocaust”) 1 .

Frank and her diary, which chronicles her experience hiding from the National Socialist German Worker’s Party (Nazi for short) and records the anxieties of an adolescent girl, have become symbols to the world of all hope and innocence that as lost during the Nazis’ ant-Jewish campaign (Smoothbore and Restock 121). Life before the war: The family had a comfortable, prosperous life In Frankfurt, Germany. Where Otto Frank headed the banking business that had been in his family for generations (Smoother and Restock 122).

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Both worried that the family would be in danger of the laws that were being initiated towards the Jews, the Franks decide to move to Amsterdam (Emigration Plans”). Otto and Edith Frank had to find means to escape Germany. In early March 1933 they reach a decision: through his brother-in-law, Erich Alias (his sister Heelless husband) Otto is given an opportunity to set up a company in the Netherlands (“Emigration Plans”).

Significant people, Events, Artifacts: In the annex the Franks were Joined by another family, a Jewish couple Frank called Hermann and Petrodollar van Dana and their teenage son Peter, and Jewish dentist named Albert Diesel (these were not their real names) (“People of the Holocaust”). Radio, performing household chores, and writing in her diary (“People of the Holocaust”). When Anne turned 13, her Father gave her a diary to write in as a resent. Ever since she received her diary, she wrote in it every day.

Unfortunately, the inhabitants of the Secret Annex were betrayed and were captured by the German AS on August 4th 1944. MIPS Gees, one of the employers of Anne Franks Father, Otto, had supplied the family with food during the time the family had gone into hiding from the Nazis (“MIPS Gees”). Anne Franks diary had been published into several different books and also translated 60 languages (“Anne Frank History’). Without Ann.’s diary, the world ay have never known the story of her and also her family endurance.

Impact of your topic in regards of Holocaust: Nazis were trying to find Jewish citizens in every country to arrest Anne Frank and her family with a few other guests hid from the Nazis for about two years until their betrayal and arrest (“People of the Holocaust”) After WI had ended, Ann.’s diary was given to Otto Frank, the father of Anne Frank. Her diary held the story of their hiding and the conditions that they lived in. It showed what it seemed like to be living in the times of Hitter’s NSAP.

Current Relevance: MIPS Gees, one of Tot’s most trusted workers and helpers, found Ann.’s diary but kept it with her for a while. Seeing how it is the only thing Otto has to remember his daughter with, MIPS had given it to Otto. Otto then later had published the diary and knew that it was what Anne wanted (“The diary is published”). Anne had always talked about how she wanted to live on even after she is dead. Her father kept her request. Without the publication of her diary, the story and struggle of the Frank family might have never been known.

The United States Congress established the Days of Remembrance as our nation’s annual commemoration of the Holocaust and created the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum as a permanent living memorial to the victims. Holocaust Remembrance Day is Thursday, April 19, 2012 (Days of Remembrance). Since 1982, the Museum has organized and led the national Days of Remembrance ceremony in the U. S. Capitol Rotunda, with Holocaust survivors, liberators, members of Congress, White House officials, the diplomatic corps, and community leaders in attendance (Days of Remembrance). Conclusion:

In conclusion, Anne Frank has left a legacy of her past, so our knowledge of the world will forever expand upon its bright nature. Anne Franks diary made it through the Holocaust carrying memories of which reveals a different point of view of the war. This revealing and dreadful story has left a huge affect on us all, opening our minds to knowing that even civilized, well-educated people could be capable of doing such bad. This opens my mind making me realize that even the most normal and civilized people could contain so much evil.

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