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The Hunger Games Theme- Identity Essay

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What makes your identity? Is it your past, your family, your hopes, dreams, fears? It is all that and more. Your identity makes up who you are. It is always growing and ever-changing. Your identity is what makes you human. Finding it can be a struggle, maintaining it can be even harder. Katniss and Peeta in The Hunger Games were two examples of finding and holding onto your identity. Katniss was the girl who had to grow up to fast. She had to learn how to provide for her family, to be strong.

Katniss thought to do this she had to create a wall to hold back all the childish things that were apart her. She put on a mask to grow up but to also protect herself from those who would wish to abuse her innocence. The mask, the wall they kept her …show more content…

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The Hunger Games Theme- Identity
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In the woods she felt as if the capital could not hurt her, she felt like herself, she felt at home.

Peeta was the baker’s son, meaning he lived in town as part of the merchant class. Since this was the case, Peeta often had to help his family in the bakery. He was put in charge of the cakes in the window made for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings. Working in the bakery made Peeta exceptionally strong, he could “lift hundred-pound bags of flour” (90) as if they weighed nothing. Even though Peeta and his family did not live in the Seam they were still impoverished. Working in the bakery helped Peeta build character. Katniss was always very close to her little sister Prim. Prim meant the world to her and she always did her best to protect her. Katniss loved Prim so much that she even put her own life before hers when she “stepped up to take Prim’s place”(24) as tribute. Katniss’ father was a very influential on her. He taught her how the woods could provide for her but also that they could be dangerous. Even after he had died he was still important to her. After her dad past, Katniss’ mother became drastically depressed and was unable to provide for her children. Katniss never truly forgave her for abandoning them in their time of need. With her mother in a comatose state Katniss decided she would have to protect and provide for Prim. All the hunting, gathering and buying of tesserae was for Prim’s sake. To keep them out of the community home .

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