The Hunger Games Theme- Identity

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Defining your identity involves various factors such as your past, family, hopes, dreams, and fears. It is an ever-changing aspect of who you are as a person and what makes you uniquely human. Uncovering your identity can be a challenging process, and maintaining it can be even more difficult. The Hunger Games characters Katniss and Peeta exemplify this journey to discover and preserve their identities.

Katniss was thrust into adulthood prematurely due to her circumstances. She had to learn how to provide for her family and develop inner strength. To accomplish this, she believed it was necessary to create a barrier against her childlike tendencies. Wearing a metaphorical mask allowed her to grow up faster and protect herself from those who might take advantage of her innocence.

This façade or protective wall served as their shield throughout the story.

In the woods, she found safety and familiarity, shielded from the harsh realities of the capital. On the other hand, Peeta lived in town as part of a merchant family. Being the baker’s son, he often assisted in creating special occasion cakes at the bakery. Working there strengthened him physically, enabling him to lift heavy bags of flour effortlessly. Despite not living in poverty like those in Seam, Peeta and his family still faced financial struggles. The bakery job also shaped his character. Katniss had a close bond with her younger sister Prim, whom she prioritized protecting above all else. She selflessly volunteered as tribute to save Prim’s life. Her father played a significant role in teaching her survival skills in the woods and cautioning against their inherent dangers. Even after his death, Katniss cherished his memory dearly. However, her mother fell into severe depression after her husband’s passing and was unable to care for her children anymore—a betrayal that left Katniss with deep resentment. With her mother incapacitated, Katniss took on the responsibility of provider and protector for Prim herselfThe actions of hunting, gathering, and using tesserae were all carried out to prioritize Prim’s welfare, ensuring that they stayed away from a communal residence.

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