The Issue of Marijuana Legalization Remains a Crucial Issue in the United States

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Human life is not perfect. it is difficult to form a lifetime of people with ease and happiness. People are different – some need different needs, wishes, and opinions. that is why it’s difficult to arrange life medical in society properly. Nevertheless, people are wise beings, and they invented such thing as legislation, the aim of which is to arrange a lifetime of people taking into consideration human needs, and based on their rights and duties. However, legislation systems aren’t perfect, and sometimes they have to be changed. The modern legislative system of the United States of America is often an example. There are lots of aspects, which may be changed, for example, raising of financial gain tax, revocation of damages in tort actions, lowering the age of the majority to 16, and so on. However, one every of the foremost disputable changes, which are being discussed for an extended time already, is the legalization of marijuana. For various reasons, people have two small print of views on the problem – some people believe it should be legalized, while the others are strongly against its legalization.

As it was mentioned above, one of the positions concerning the legalization of marijuana is that it should be legalized. People, who have now of view use different arguments to prove it. one of the foremost widespread arguments is that marijuana has medical properties, and one among the most properties is its analgesic effect. Medical researchers confirm that marijuana is employed to treat tetanus, epilepsy, and cholera. Moreover, it’s confirmed that ‘reporting all told cases, … patients experience relief from the symptoms of those disorders’ (Jacob & Jacob, 2009, p. 37). Among other diseases, which may be treated with the assistance of marijuana, are migraine, excessive coughing, involuntary twitching, inability to sleep, loss of appetite, palsy, dysentery, and lots of others. Moreover, marijuana is employed even to relieve pain from HIV/AIDS, and it’s sometimes given to children that suffer from epilepsy. The medical properties of marijuana are proven, and they can’t be underestimated.

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However, not all people agree that this can be a reason to legalize marijuana. There are several arguments, which are provided by people, who confirm that the legalization of marijuana should be prohibited. the primary argument is that marijuana is an addictive drug, and it can become a reason for developing an addiction to more harmful drugs like heroin. The research, which was done o in 1995 in the USA, showed ‘a three-year increase in marijuana use among American teenagers, at a time when strenuous varieties of marijuana are readily available’ (Shalala, 1995). However, not only the did reason in the previous century confirmedconfirm that marijuana is addictive, and might cause illegal use of it. For example, Alain Joffe and Samuel Yancy, who dole out the research in 2004, confirmed that ‘legalization of marijuana could lead to advertising campaigns for its use’ (Joffe & Yancy, 2004, p. 634).

The second reason why people are against marijuana legalization is that it’s harmful to people’s health. it’s confirmed that marijuana usage ‘damages remembering, distorts perception, impairs judgment and sophisticated motor skills, alters the guts rate, can cause severe anxiety and might cause paranoia and lethargy’ (Shalala, 1995). marijuana causes not only physical but psychological addiction still because it’s ‘one of the many mood-altering substances employed by humans’ (Ruschmann, 2009, p. 10). The mind of individuals, who use marijuana, can start working worse, they’ll experience an altered state of consciousness, and it can lead even to crimes that are often committed under influence of the inadequate state of someone. The analysis of the studies of various researchers showed that there are two details of view on the difficulty of marijuana legalization. Some people believe that marijuana should be legalized, while confirmed confirmconfirmothers confir are against its legalization. Both points of view are supported by numerous arguments, and every one of them seems to be rational and sensible. However, my point of view is that marijuana should be legalized. First of all, the fact that marijuana has medical properties, and might relieve the pain and suffering of individuals with different diseases is undeniable. it’s proved by numerous researches, which were distributed over different periods of your time.

First of all, there should be restrictions on the way much marijuana an individual can possess. Secondly, marijuana should be possessed only by those people, who are suffering from diseases, which might be cured only with the assistance of marijuana. Moreover, patients, who are treated with marijuana, should have documents, which confirm that they need a right to possess marijuana. Measures of precaution should even be meted out while prescribing marijuana to patients. as an example, doctors should examine somebody’s reaction to marijuana, and itswarnconfirmwarn him/her about possible negative effects and harmful influences on somebody’s health. Of course, doctors must not prescribe a higher dose than is required for somebody’s treatment. yet another thing, which should be taken under consideration while legalizing marijuana, is that individuals, who distribute marijuana illegally, should be punished following laws.

People are divided into two groups per their points of view. the primary group of individuals believes that marijuana should be legalized, while another group insists on the opposite opinion. People, who want marijuana to be legalized, argue that it’sits medical properties, which help to relieve lots of symptoms of various diseases. People, who are against its legalization, confirm that marijuana is harmful to health, can cause addiction to harder drugs, and may even result in social problems, for levels example,  Medicallikconfirms an increased level of crime. After analysis of both points of view, and reading lots of data on the difficulty, my opinion is that marijuana should be legalized. the primary argument to support this time of view is that the same among the bulk of individuals, who want marijuana to be legalized. This argument is that marijuana possesses medical properties, and it’s used while treating numerous diseases. As for fears about different negative effects, I’m sure that the laws about legalization are strict, and it’ll prevent people from breaking the laws, and can benefit people, who want marijuana as a treatment.

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