Marijuana Legalization Research Paper I personally

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The topic of marijuana legalization is explored in an essay and research paper.

Although I personally have no desire to consume marijuana, I tried it once and quickly changed my mind due to its negative effects on my respiratory system. However, about 75% of my acquaintances engage in smoking marijuana, which does not bother me as I believe individuals should be allowed the freedom to pursue what makes them happy. If my friends choose drug use for contentment over enjoying themselves without it, that is their choice. In my opinion, law enforcement or any external entity should only interfere if it involves their parents or loved ones.

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Furthermore, there are other factors beyond just my personal viewpoint to consider. The United States could generate millions of dollars by taxing marijuana alone. Additionally, hemp can be a valuable resource for manufacturing paper and clothing items and has the ability to thrive in different climates. Based on my research findings, I am inclined to believe that alcohol should be illegalized in the U.S., rather than marijuana. From what I have observed and read about both substances, marijuana is less costly and less hazardous compared to alcohol consumption. One distinction highlighting this is alcohol toxicity; unfortunately, I have personally witnessed several instances where excessive drinking has caused severe physical distress among my friends.Despite this, it is crucial to acknowledge responsible usage and moderation when consuming either substance. It is important for individuals to be aware of their limits and inform others about the availability of emergency services at 911 in case of any urgent situations during consumption episodes. However, I have witnessed a notable incident involving one of my friends who was under the influence of marijuana – he simply ran circles three times before eventually passing out on the ground. In comparison to alcohol, marijuana tends to be less problematic due to factors like individual behavior. From my own experiences, I have never observed people visibly high on marijuana getting into fights, which differs from those intoxicated by alcohol.

When individuals consume alcohol, they often exhibit aggression and disruptiveness. Another observation is that intoxication frequently leads individuals to have the desire to drive, resulting in hazardous situations. In contrast, people who smoke marijuana tend to lean towards idleness, with their only motivation for leaving home being to satisfy their hunger by ordering food. Additionally, marijuana is often viewed as a gateway drug as it can lead to the use of more harmful substances such as speed or acid. However, it’s important to acknowledge that this phenomenon may occur due to the illegal nature of marijuana. Seeking out a dealer for marijuana could expose individuals to other illicit drugs sold by the same dealer for profit. Nevertheless, most sensible individuals would not willingly choose to consume damaging substances like crack or acid due to their potential harm on the brain and body. Nonetheless, after consuming marijuana, people become more susceptible to suggestion; however, if marijuana were legalized appropriate regulations would be implemented. The regulations for marijuana would resemble those for alcohol including age restrictions and licensing requirements for sellers. Furthermore ,individuals have the choice go into mini-marts instead of dangerous crack houses .The environment could be benefited by using hemp instead of trees for paper production. Furthermore, the government has the chance to use additional income generated from marijuana sales to enhance schools and support law enforcement agencies like the DEA.

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