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First, today we will be introducing and talk about the branches but before that we will talk about the framing of the constitution which of the separations of powers which are the three branches and the checks and balances which is the veto power I have learned that there’s a lot to the constitution and I think there’s a lot more I need to learn about because theirs is much more as well as there is a lot behind it as when it was created and what was the main thing about it which the main thing about was main thing about it was for us the people. It’s so funny because I didn’t even know there was a constitution till, I believe I got to high school but so far I have been learning about and understanding it better and learning all the backgrounds to it. What I think and which one I find more powerful in my opinion.

Before anything I never knew about the branches nor what they meant there stuff I don’t really much pay attention to but there really interesting and they have a lot of meaning to them through the semester I learned of all three of them all there branches are split into three of them which is legislative, executive and judicial. Those are the three branches each of them has their own job and meaning I have learned a little bit of all of them as in like what each and one of them do. For example, the branch of legislative makes the laws, the executive carries out, and the judicial evaluates the laws. Out of all those branches I believe that there’s one who can completely change it all and be like the most important one. My thesis is that I believe the judicial branch is the most powerful one out of all of them. The reason why I believe that it’s more powerful because they basically have the last word on laws they can over turn a law for example, if it’s a law they decided that the law isn’t right for the constitution they have the right to overturn it I feel like that a really big power.

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Next, will be discussing the enumerated powers/constitutional powers of congress with that of the president with that of the president with that supreme court per constitution because the enumerated powers can collect taxes etc. it is in defense and in general welfare of the United States. The constitutional powers have the right of laws etc. They both play important roles and I feel like is mixes in with the president although the president has say in the constitution as well as he has on other decisions I feel like the president and the supreme court both do with this because both powers are important and they both interact with the. President and supreme court because of what I have learned that’s where all the three branches come into because the legislative creating laws the executive carrying out the laws and the judicial the supreme court and other courts evaluates laws. Because the president is the main leader on top of it all although he doesn’t do all the job roles he is the main leader the one to decide on all decisions and I feel like the supreme court connects with him because although he makes a decision the supreme court does as well I believe the supreme court can outturn a law if they don’t agree with it and can change it if it has to be adjusted.

Third, the congress and how it’s able to expand its power I feel like the congress was able to expand their power because due to “The Supreme Court Weighs In: Medical Marijuana And American Federalism” ( Chapter 3 pg.91) I feel that after the supreme court chose to take this case to Angel Raich and Diane Monsoon letting them know the right against the authority of the federal government under the controlled substances act and the commerce clause. I feel like after this the congress power started getting more power “Use act on policy grounds, but they might also be worried about nullifying federal law or restricting federal power in the face of state actions that contradicted national policy” (Chapter 3 pg.91). Also, when the decision came to Gonzales V. Raich that vote turn out to be 6-3 so the court and the federal government and the congress went against Raich and Monson. The case after them I feel like made the congress gain more power because of all the local farming growing with marijuana.

Not only with the marijuana but also with the federalist they grew more power because they were by their side and they were also helping them put their words out there like they had recognized them for their work and for what they would do. For example, with the supreme court and the civil rights how the supreme court gave move to African American’s the federalism recognize authority. In how they say that “authority was used to restrict the rights of states citizens based on only on their racial identity” (ch.3 pg.97). They of course gained more power because. Now a day’s people are so racists and they don’t care where they have to lead to just make others with color not welcomed. I mean it’s proven in those words because they think they have the right to deiced who gets the rights and who doesn’t which is pretty unfair because this why sometimes they gain power because of so much people who agree to this which of course, I don’t I believe they deserve what everyone deserves and that what should be done I don’t think the congress deserved to get power over this I mean it’s ridiculous in how they do specially because the supreme court also agrees with it. I feel like after this and looking at this is because of everything that’s now going on in our world with all these protestors going on with the recent death of George Floyd and in why people don’t believe in the courts and in the president as well.

Fourth, the office of president was able to expand power because of all the supporters and everyone that stand to be his side as in the government, chief etc. feel like it was never made because of everything that was going on during the time as for example on Nixon for Nixon it seemed like he wanted to try the most for everyone and be there for everyone. And that’s what all people thought. It seemed like he had many supporters an everyone was believing in all his promises, but it didn’t turn out as that because of everything that was found out about him. It was all just a lie for people to fall and for people to be there for him and it seem like he actually got what he wanted because in the film Nixon by Nixon in his own words says “This campaign was successful” I know he says that because everything went as he planned as in everything he was against off after people knew that not a lot of people were supporters but it was to late. It’s similar to the trump presidency because a lot of people believed trump was going to make America such a great place and he wasn’t here to mess around people started believing in all his promises and of course voted for him because he was going to make America great. But as we can see now, we see so many people who were trump supports who can’t even watch him in tv because of all the disappointments.

Things don’t always go as people say sometimes life just goes another different way but at this position it makes me feel like in reality we can’t trust because they can go up all they want and try to win our votes with all their words but we won’t see actions till after they win which what’s the point because not always do we get shown what we promised to get. That made me realized that this is why people get upset because of things that don’t seem to be happening for example just now the supreme court didn’t allow trumps thing of the whole DACA situation you know how mad and upset people are going to be for the ones who are against DACA immigrants why would they be upset because obviously the president failed them and didn’t achieve the goal that many of his supporters wanted. So that’s a really important message because no matter how many promises and words are made about making America great seems to be that it will never happen and I believe it never will because of all this people being against each other when we can all make America great with respecting one another regardless our raise or religion or anything we can all get along and make the world a better place because in the situation of what’s happening now in our world doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Fifth, a power of the supreme court that was not originally made into the constitution was The New Jersey Plan which was also once referred as the Virginia plan, “After Paterson has presented his plan, Madison proceeded to “tear the new jersey plan to pieces” Madison argued that the New Jersey Plan would leave the nation with all the problems that had motivated the convection in the first place; tax collection across state borders would remain a disaster; rebellions such as the one Massachusetts had just barely put down would continue to plague the republic” (ch.2 pg.55). I believe some additional powers of the supreme courts that expanded power where the “Legislative Branch, Executive Branch, Judiciary Branch” (ch.2 pg.57). Which all three of them were referred to the Separations of Powers. The “legislating from the bench” was that there has always been tension with justice’s appear to re write laws that congress was elected to write that was the legislating from the bench. I think in why it influences in the power of the supreme courts because they have some similiters to them, so it connects them together.

Lastly, The congress can check the president and vice versa with the veto power because the congress can always reversed the veto and turn it over the power of the president veto as well as for the supreme court the congress can check through the veto power as well as soon as the congress passed a bill the president can have the power to veto but the congress can reversed that as well. I think that in the house dived explains really good current state of our political instructions because it tells about how much anger they had towards each other because according to the film president Obama has been the only one to ever see political fight the way they fought. I feel like there was just too many dysfunctions and like no communication and also no agreement because they couldn’t come into agreement it made people disappointed and angry that was one of the times where political didn’t really get along and it was a great situation because of that people even stayed in the film of how they say is this really what America is about like the had second doughs. I feel because of all of this is why for Obama things didn’t turn out that great and he didn’t get to do everything he wanted to get done, it wasn’t possible because everything that was going on with the political I think that had to do a lot with it.

In conclusion, I feel like now after writing my paper and looking over everything it I still feel like the judiciary branch is the most powerful one in my opinion. Why I think that it’s still the powerful one is because although the other two hold of a great thing to I feel like this one holds of the best. Because I feel like they have the last say on it so pretty much if they don’t agree to it, they have the chance to reverse the law. As in like not make it the law and I think of it because right this day like I mentioned before with the DACA immigrants how the supreme court blocks trumps bid to end DACA that’s a major win to the undocumented dreamers because they still have the opportunity to continue with their dreams and that something that shouldn’t be taken away. Because you could never tell that undocumented person be our next nurse, doctor, dentist or even president. Life is so full of surprises that you don’t even know where it can hit your life is really full of surprises.

With that it makes me think about the branch that is more powerful because I thought of it this way with that situation about DACA obviously it had to go through the legislative branch which is creating it, and then it obviously has to go through executive branch which is to carry it out and then comes the branch I chose which is the judicial branch which I think they have the last say as if the supreme could honor that law or reject it which in Trump’s position it was blocked with the decision of the supreme court. Which of course for the undocumented dreamers I believe is a big deal and a big relive that they won’t be ending with that because the would mean a big opportunity taken away from them for no reason because I really can’t understand why there would be a reason to end this when there’s a lot of us out there who are now in school trying our hardest and that wouldn’t be fair to just get it taken away because of someone who is against it.

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