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The book The Matter of Seggri by Ursula Le Guin presents a unique society where men and women are not allowed to fall in love. Women pay men for sex, and men are seen as impregnation machines to increase the population. Women have the power, and men have no freedom except to participate in battles or serve in the fuckeries. Le Guin’s rhetorical scheme presents a message of gender inequality and hopes for an equal society. The book is a freshness for readers as it presents a society where women dominate supreme and men have no freedom. The point for Le Guin is to make the audience see the question of gender inequality from different angles. The book is a must-read for both male and female audiences.

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The book “the Matter of Seggri” . from Ursula Le Guin created a whole new relationship between work forces and adult females. In the novel. work forces and adult females are non allowed to fall in love. The lone thing that work forces and adult females can hold is lust and money. Women wage for the work forces after they get sex from the work forces in the fuckery. Women see work forces as an impregnated machine in order to increase their population. Under the dystopian society that Le Guin described. adult females have the power and the work forces have the benefits. There is no such a freedom for the work forces. Castle and the fuckeries are the lone two topographic points they can travel. They either battle for the game or service in the fuckery. It is really impressed for the readers on what happen after the gender switches because it wholly subverts their acknowledgments comparing with their existent life.

And Le Guin’s applied rhetorical scheme of understanding to present her message of gender inequality and besides her hopes for the equal society. Comparing with the world. candidly. work forces are still in charge on most of the topographic points even though some adult females are in charge every bit good today. However. in the novel. adult females have the absolute power. and work forces are populating under their domination. Love between work forces and adult females are highly common in modern society. and that can specify as a human norm. which means that these actions are common among human being. Nevertheless. in Le Guin’s book. this sort of relationship has been tabooed.

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Le Guin’s idea is a freshness for readers because she created a society where adult females dominate supreme and work forces have no freedom. If this book presents in a different manner which is the work forces predominate the adult females. will this book still pull the audience? The reply should be no because that is the universe that we already known approximately. What reader needs is that something that they ne’er think about it or ne’er meets before. Even though the adult females have the power. they still need work forces because give them an chance to raise a kid. Just like human being can non populate without the O. The point for Le Guin is to do a room for audience to see the inquiry. which the gender inequality. from different angles. Male audience can recognize the badness of adult females non being regard. Female audience can understand that they should stand out and endeavor for their merited rights.

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