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The Mos Dengerous Game

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The Most Dangerous game

Have you ever had feelings about something that later changed? In “The Most
Dangerous Game” by Richard Conel, I will show how one character changes his
opinion about something after he has experienced it himself. Almost all of us
have said “Oh that’s easy” or “I could do that any day!” and then find out that
the task is harder then it looked. In a summary, “The Most Dangerous Game” is a
story about a man named Rainsford whom gets stranded on an island with a crazed
general. This general is named General Zaroff. Rainsford was an excellent
hunter who wrote many books about hunting. General Zaroff was a fan of
Rainsford’s books, so he immediately knew who Rainsford was when he found him.
General Zaroff let Rainsford in and treated him to good food and plenty of rest.
Zaroff was talking to Rainsford about hunting, and then Zaroff explained his
passion, he hunted humans because animals were no challenge.

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The Mos Dengerous Game
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Rainsford did not
like this and tried to avoid ZaroffSuspense In “The Most Dangerous Game”
Suspense, used to change the story

drastically, prevents “The Most Dangerous Game,”

from seeming too predictable and boring. Author,

Richard Connoll, creates suspense by

conveying unsettling emotions that the audience can

relate to and that give a false sense

of predictability. The title of this story, a major

factor of suspense, tells the audience

exactly what will happen. The interior suspense

gives hidden meaning to the title and

adds many twists to its foreboding plot. The

element of suspense, leaving audiences

guessing about future events, allows the audience

to get emotionally involved in the story

line. In essence, Richard Connoll does not

disappoint readers by deviating from the

thematic conflict, but instead keeps the audience

on their toes by creating a veil of the

suspenseful unknown throughout the story.

Indeed, Connoll successfully.

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The Mos Dengerous Game. (2018, Aug 24). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/the-mos-dengerous-game/

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