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In the last 10 years there has been and increase by 300% in the number of students with disabilities(U.s. Department of Education). The reason the evidence on the increase in the number of students is provided is because teachers and parents are not prepared to meet the needs in order to teach these students to maneuver in the outside world. When the article talks about disabilities they are talking about people with blindness, deaf, etc. Throughout the years these types of educators have found out how to help these students with each disability using video games. See the reason video games help teach these students is because there are people out there that make it possible to play their games no matter who the person is and the person playing the game always find a way to learn how to play games with their disabilities.

Almost everyone uses video games to help them in their lifestyle one example of this is when it comes to the air force this military branch uses video game simulations to teach people how to fly jets since it can be very dangerous when it comes to not knowing how to maneuver one of these vehicles. There is no actual proof of this but it has been shown that people when it comes to learning how to do medical procedures they use video game simulations where the person is operating on a person in game. Other way video games help people, for example people like veterans who suffer from PTSD (U.S Department of Veteran Affairs) or other traumatic past. The way video games help them is by the people playing games that involve different types of situations by having a game that involves doing a calm activity for they can ease up a bit.

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Other things video games are also good for when it comes to helping someone in their lifestyle is when it comes to someone that are in constant pain or even when it comes to some that is in an abusive state. One example of the way it helps is someone in constant pain because the person is focused enough on playing the game so much they keep their minds at ease from the pain . Another way it helps is with someone that is addicted to drugs or alcohol as said from this 53-year-old woman she says “ it’s like sometimes when i can’t take it anymore and it seems like it pings in my head that I’m going to drink” . The reason she does say this is because she has nothing to do in her spare time, so the first thing she thinks of is to drink in order to pass the time. So in order for her to not think of drinking she has made up a schedule in order to keep her busy so her schedule consist of “Meditating for 15 minutes, Zumba and then game time” (U.s. Department of Education).

One thing people think about video games is that they cannot teach you a new language or improve someone learning skills but that is not true in fact video games can actually teach you a new language with apps. How? See there are things that make something a video game and that something is prizes/rewards (Using Gamification to Enhance Second Language Learning Pg.39) . There are apps out there like Duolingo, Bsuu and Babbel that teach someone a new language like spanish, french and many more. Another example is when kids learn their ABC’s they use a website called ABCMouse that has learning programs that enable the children to increase their language skills or even their math and reading. See the reason these are games is because they reward you the next level of learning in order for you to learn more of the language or subject in order for you to continue on.

It has been said that video games can help someone improve their everyday life style that will help in someway. Back in 2010, researchers have said that playing action video games like Call of Duty, God of war, or Legend of Zelda many other games help improve in someones processing skills the reason how this works is because each game causes the person to execute a command as fast as they can in order to be able to win or beat the level so it has been said that there’s a possibility that games can help improve one’s thinking process (Increasing Speed of Processing With Action Video Games). For example of this is when the person is driving when it comes to driving the person will have to be able to think ahead when your on the street when a car comes speeding through the person will have to react quick enough in order to move out of the way of the oncoming vehicle. Another way video games help with people’s daily lifestyles is when it comes to being active for example some games involve motion controls like Wii Fit or Wii Sports or even dancing games that is basically just Zumba which is an activity were the person dances to music for a good amount of time . Some games even involve the player to walk a certain distance in order to reach a certain amount of steps or exercise to win prizes.

There are many good things about video games but when it comes to everything there are always cons of things. One thing video games do is they can cause psychological stress back in 2018 an experiment was done of people ages 18 to 30 years old these games consist of a Runner game which is a game that has the player running in one direction and have the option to go left or right on certain point while being chased in game. Excitement game which consist of the player fighting characters in game or involve some type of action. A fear game which consist of the player playing a game which have pop up scares or a scary creature. Also a puzzle game which involves the player to solve puzzles here and there to be able to continue on with the game. These tests have shown that when it comes to Runner games the player was 20% before about playing and in the end was about 25% more stressed in the end when it comes to Excitement games the player was 24% stressed and after it was huge increase to about 33% while the puzzle game was 35% before and after it was decreased to about 25% the only game which drastically changed was the fear game which went from 46% to a while 87% increase (The Beneficial or Harmful Effects of Computer Game Stress).

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