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The Oddyssey of a Fashion House

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  • Pages 5
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    Fashion- a small word of just 7 alphabets, defines the most indispensible and iconic aspect of a person, so much so that the first thing we notice about someone is the aesthietic sense of fashion that he holds. And when a fashion conscious Bangladeshi goes shopping the brand that he thinks of is Ecstasy- the premium fashion house of Bangladesh. The Dream A dream that started off in a garage-like shop of only 120 square feet has now evolved to a brand that has 24 outlets of 700-1300 square feet all over the country, and is still expanding its wings to take over the international horizon. In the late 90’s Mr.

    Tanjim Ashraful Haque realized that Bangladesh needed its own fashion brand and ‘Ecstasy’ came to being. Ecstasy started with a vison to emerge as the most profitable apparel retailer in Bangladesh by providing contemporary quality fashion at affordable prices. The Dream—Reality The dream to establish Ecstasy as a brand was omnipresent but it wasn’t something that could be done overnight. Why? Because the capital did not allow it to start off on its own, it needed a foundation on which the brand could stand. So the fashion house started off selling different international brands under the same umbrella.

    As the fashion departmental store started to grow as a chain and the demand for ‘Ecstasy’ clothes increased, came the prime time for ‘Ecstasy’ to launch their own designs. Designs that were a class away from the norm. It managed to create something totally new by choosing a path which was previously unexplored in Bangladesh. The path of Casual Wear. This strategic move made the competition irrelevant, beacause at that time there were no brands in Bangladesh that produced casual clothing, all were focused on formal wear. So when ‘Ecstasy’ started their casual line of clothing, they created a new demand and captured the whole market.

    What was the market? The market for the casual line of Ecstasy clothes were mainly the youth. But it cleverly segmented the market, into income, age, family life cycle, gender to gain the competetive advantage. It basically caters to the upper and upper middle class of the society, with a vast target age group between 18-50 years. The proof of this is their outlet positioning, because the very first outlets opened were at Gulshan, Banani, Uttara and Dhanmondi of Dhaka city, all of which are considered to be the homes of the high-end people in Bangladesh. But what caught the eye of these high-end people?

    There were many things. Firstly, it was the only place where these people could find authentic international brand clothing like Nike. Secondly, there was a basic attraction in the people that a Bangladeshi fashion house was producing highly fashionable, comfortable and durable products. It was of such high quality because it used wrinkle-resistant technology, and it had introduced a new breed of weaved 100% cotton fabric and blended cotton. Thirdly, was its amazing outlet design. It was unique in the way that completely outclassed the other retail outlets.

    Its mantra for the outlets was to attract the customers in such a way that the clothes spoke for themselves as to what they signify. And finally was its distinct promotional style. It always showcased models who were on par with the international class. It only broadcasted itself in premium billboards and in major selling areas which had their outlets giving out a message that ‘Ecstasy is here’. Also its advertorials were never broadcasted in mass media, giving it an exclusivity. Once it got its customers it ensured that its customers are treated in the best way possible.

    It hired employees who were educated, stylish, communicative and most importantly honest. Ecstasy’s culture was such that they would never lie blatantly to a customer that all the clothes suited them, rather the employees would help them pick out only the best for them. Ecstasy also encourages its customers to give feedback to the company, infact their formal section, women’s and kids wear sections were introduced by customer suggestion. That shows how important the customers to the fashion house. Ecstasy now boasts a wide and varied collection.

    For men it has casual shirts, T-shirts, pull overs, sweat shirts, denim and non denim trousers, cargo and shorts for men, shoes the basic formal wear are also available in linen and cotton. Ecstasy’s women wear and Zarzain (a different brand launched under Ecstasy’s name) has its target group from 16-34 years and includes apparels like t-shirts, party wear, lycra, semi-formal shirts, denims, capris, tunics, cargos and denims. Zarzain’s specialty is that they produce very less amount of every product to create a high deman and exclusivity of the product.

    Ecstasy also has something for kids, the Ash-kids section for the fashion conscious kids of the 21st century. And that is how the dream of establishing a brand name transformed into reality. The Transition After establishing a brand name for the fashion house, the personal mission of Mr. Tanjim Haq, to establish a Bangladeshi cloth brand was put into effect by launching ‘Tanjim’ in 2006. For this Mr. Tanjim even did a fashion designing degree, which goes to show the dedication and hardwork put into it. ‘Tanjim’ is basically the focal point of ‘Ecstasy’.

    Its a trendy and fashionable assortment of flattering styles. In every product of Tanjim anyone can find a rich selection of prints, wash and cuts that are designed to the very last detail. Authentic details and functional attributes gave its collection a strong sense of identity. ‘Tanjim’ offers limited edition items which allows creating a high demand and offers a perfect personal look which is updated throughout the season. ‘Tanjim’ targets the male youth which is reflected in their designs as they are very rustic and rough in nature.

    Even the tagline, ‘Your life, Your rules’ represents the youth culture. Its affinity towards the youth is also displayed by the elaborate shop designs of ‘Tanjim’ stores. ‘Tanjim’ has also categorised its products into two, ‘Tanjim Street’ for the regular customers, and ‘Tanjim Signature’ for the premium ones. So it is a brand that stands for and promotes the youth. A very sui generis aspect of ‘Tanjim’ is its logo of a very embellished bat. The symbol of the bat represents the fear that can be overcome. And all the Tanjim products have this logo to give the brand a symbolic dimension. Tanjim’ has fast become one of the key brands among the Bangladeshi youth and is still growing for their innovative and creative designs. Finally in 2011, Mr. Tanjim’s dream of setting up a brand name in Bangladesh has come true. It now has 230 employees all over Bangladesh, and its products capture a huge chunk of the apparel market in Bangladesh. But now Ecstasy is moving into the international realms. It is now aiming to have stores in Malaysia, India and Dubai. The mission now is to establish the name ‘Ecstasy’ internationally, keeping ‘Tanjim’ their prime focal point. Md. Abul Kalam Azad (Raaz) Head of Operations Ecstasy

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