“The Painting of  Two Women” on the Beach by Paul Gauguin

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The author of this passage discusses their fascination with paintings and how they are amazed by the recreation of nature and the expression of ideas through colors. They specifically mention the painting Two Nudes on a Tahitian Beach” by Paul Gauguin which depicts two nude women standing on a beach with a dog and the sea in the background. The author notes that the vibrant colors of the painting create tension and the shades of brown give the women a healthy and alive appearance. They also mention the mystery of the black dog in the background. Overall, the author considers the painting a masterpiece and admires Gauguin’s use of imagination.”

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“Painting is the most beautiful of all arts,” says painter Paul Gauguin. Based on my experience, I could say that his words are true. I am always fascinated by paintings. It amazes me when nature is recreated in man’s hands. It amazes me when one’s fantasies, ideas and stories are given life in the power of the colors. One such painting that amazed me is the “Two Nudes on a Tahitian Beach” by Paul Gauguin. Looking at it provokes slight tension because of its nude characters and vibrant colors.

There were a few characters I have seen in the painting. There were two women; both were naked and stood at the beach with a dog and the vast sea on the background. The women seemed to be communicating with each other. The woman in the right side with her nude back shown was standing face to face with another woman in the left side whose nude front was shown with her left hand covering her breasts.

The dog’s head was slightly bent with its four legs on the sand. Waves from the sea crashed as it approached the seashore at noontime.The vibrant colors of the painting create slight tension in me while watching it. Heavy shades of brown in the women’s skin made them look healthy thus they look as if they were alive.

The dog’s black color with its head bent creates mystery in the painting. White ‘spots’ in the blue sea creates a virtual reality of a true sea with waves rushing towards the seashore in the middle of the day.I could say that the painting was a masterpiece. The painter used his imagination to create this painting of two nude women which was set on a beach.

The nude bodies of the two women looked great and alive in the vibrant shades of brown. Also, the black dog in the background having its head bent was a mystery. After all, the nude women were wonderful.


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