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Tree House Lodge Beach Hotel in Costa Rica has several strengths, including its commitment to ecotourism and the preservation of natural resources, its peaceful and wild environment, and its private beach. The hotel offers a variety of activities such as surfing, snorkeling, and fishing, and has four different types of houses for guests to choose from. However, some weaknesses include the difficulty of getting to the lodge and the lack of necessary technology such as internet access and television. Opportunities for the hotel include attracting more clients from different countries and building new houses to increase profits. Possible threats include natural disasters that could damage the hotel’s structures and the endangerment of iguanas in the area due to traditional hunting practices.

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SWOT analysis of Tree House Lodge Beach Hotel in Costa Rica. Puerto Viejo.


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• It is a private modesty. that means people who earn their money from ecotourism are most likely defend their natural resources.

• Try to maintain the wild topographic points wild. For illustration the Free House is built around 6 populating trees from salvaged wood and non holding any walls ( from reappraisal ) ?

?http: //www. costaricapages. com/blog/hotel-reviews/tree-house-lodge-puerto-viejo/225

• Increasing carnal population and nature. There is a botanic garden around Lodge. where every twelvemonth the proprietor turn up more than 50 different thenar trees autonomic nervous systems have the largest Heliconia? aggregation in the country.

?http: //www. theflowerexpert. com/content/aboutflowers/exoticflowers/heliconia

• Peaceful green and wild environment• The composite is located on a 10 acre ocean forepart belongings in the celebrated Punta Uva beach.• No autos. as a consequence air is more fresh and non polluted.• Total privateness and natural idyllical ambiance. cipher can upset you. because houses are far off from each other. which is straight connected with simpleness.• Private beach. walking around a minunte from jungle.• There are a batch of different sort activities and things to make. For illustration surfboarding. swimming. snorkel diving and fishing. White Water Rafting. Cahuita National Park. Gandoca –Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge and others.• Grocery Store is a 5 minute walk from Tree Houses

• Four different sort of houses: The Tree House. The Beach House. The Beach Suite. The Auratus House.• The Beach Suite has an unbelievable bathroom more than 300 pess square. It makes this topographic point more experient for tourers of over the universe.


• It is difficult to acquire to lodge. because it takes 30 proceedingss from chief town of Puerto Viejo. It will be healthy manner to acquire at that place by motorcycle and watching a great tropical landscape. • Lack of necessary engineering. Populating without internet entree. Television and other media.

• Opportunities.

• Iguanaverde is a non-profit organisation who wants to make a specific goal-is to raise a particular sum of green iguanas in a natural home ground.

• A underdeveloped market-houses via cyberspace.

• Good possibilities to pull more clients from different states non merely from near located states –Panama. Nicaragua and Jamaica. but besides from North and South America particularly from United States.

• There is a batch of infinite where is a an chance to construct new houses to increase a company net income.


• Natural catastrophes or conditions altering which can destruct extraordinary houses. For case cyclones are common annually being.

• There is a danger of iguanas dissapearence from the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica by the presence of traditional huntsmans.

• Normally tourers take keepsakes for memory in the same manner they are stealing a piece of nature.

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