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The principles of the Malaysian Corporate Governance code 2012

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    1. Corporate administration

    • The policy / statement clearly stated

    The statement is made pursuant to paragraph 15.25 of the Main Market Listing Requirements ( MMLR ) of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad ( Bursa Securities ) for the Company and subordinates ( The Group ) to use the rules and recommendations of the Malaysia Code on Corporate Administration 2012 ( The Code ) . The Board of the Director ( The Board ) will go on to reexamine the bing corporate administration patterns and policies thought out of the Group.

    • Board composing – executive managers, non-executive managers, independent managers, women’s representation

    YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Abdul Ghani Bin Abdul Aziz as Senior Independent Non-Executive Chairman and Board member of Deleum Berhad.

    YB Datuk Johari Bin Abdul Ghani as Group Managing Director and Non-Executive Chairman of Uda Holdings Berhad. Encik Megat Joha Bin Megat Abdul Rahman as an Executive Director and member of the Risk Management Committee.

    YBhg Datin Mariam Prudence Binti Yusof as Non-Independent Non Executive Director.

    Ms.Teh Bee Tein as an Independent Non-Executive Director, Chairman of the Audit Committee, Risk Management Committee, member of the Nomination Committee and Remuneration Committee.

    Encik Nor Hishammuddin Bin Dato’ Mohd Nordin as an Independent Non-Executive Director, Chairman of the Remuneration Committee, member of the Nomination Committe and Risk Management Committee.

    Mr.Kasinathan A/L Tulasi as an Independent Non-Executive Director

    • Transparent board and senior direction wage

    The Remuneration Committe is responsible for reexamining and urging to the Board the wage model for Executive Directors. They besides include doing recommendations to the Board for all elements of wage, footings of employment, wages constructions and periphery benefits for Excutive Directors. Any salary reappraisal takes into history market rates and the public presentation of the person and the Group. The Group Managing Director is alining the public presentation to the Company’s long term involvement as a important stockholder. So, there is no demand for the usage of other long-run inducements like Employee Share Option Scheme to further align ends.

    The Remuneration Committle besides reappraisal and recommended the wage bundle of Non-Executive Directors. The wage comprises one-year fees that reflect the functions and duties, any extra work and parts required. All Non-Executive Directors are paid fixed one-year fees as members of the Board and RM1, 000.00 meeting attending allowance for each Board and Committee meeting attended. Besides, the wage for the Director is a affair for the Board as a whole. However, managers do non take part in the wage bundle determination.

    • Risk analysis/management model

    The Group established a formal direction model in the twelvemonth 2004 which enabled the direction and the Board to portion a common theoretical account for the effectual communicating and rating of all chief hazards and controls. The Hazard Framework covers a wide assortment of hazards, including but non limited to concern continuity issues, administration issues, fiscal issues and operational issues. The Group behavior meeting to discourse and supervise with all subordinates senior direction on a monthly footing. A Hazard Manager has administered the Risk Management Framework. First identified is the root cause for each hazard, so ascertained the effect and the hazard and the classified hazard into either governable or built-in. After that, each hazard is assigned into two hazards which are the impact and mensurating the likeliness. Those tonss are used to find a hazard class. Finally identified the hazards, control steps and action programs to pull off, minimise or extenuate all the hazards. All of identified are recorded and updated in the Risk Register which is used to develop a hazard profile for the company. The hazard profiles of the assorted subordinates are reviewed and discover by Risk Management Committee. They will take particular note of any alterations and development, the bing controls, action programs in topographic point to pull off the hazards and any farther actions necessary. They will describe to the Board on a half annual footing.

    • Disclosure of non-compliance with laws/legislation/codes/listing demands

    Whistle Blowing Policy provides a mechanism and offers protection for employees to describe affairs such as fiscal malpractice or improperness or fraud, failure to follow with legal duties or legislative acts, dangers to wellness and safety or the environment, condemnable activity, improper behavior or unethical behaviour or any efforts to hide any of above. The protection of the employee who report breaches and non-compliances is in line with the Public Interest Disclosure Act which came into consequence in 1999. The policy is disseminated to subordinates and is available for entree by employees.

    2. CSR Management/Reporting

    • Policy statements or stated committednesss

    The policy statement is to keep the balance between the Company’s economic, societal, environmental duties and the involvements of the Company’s stockholders and assorted stakeholders. The Group is committed to corporate duty patterns and purpose to hold a place impact in the market place, workplace, community and environment. The Group’s attempts in the countries of Investor Relations and corporate duty continue to be recognized.

    • Adoption of a specific coverage guideline
    • Third party study audit/review

    The Board has assigned to the Audit Committee. Audit commission responsibilities are reexamining and supervising the effectivity of the Group’s internal control system, a critical component of effectual hazard direction.

    3. Stakeholder battle

    • Structured battle with all stakeholders

    The Group focal point on optimising its concern procedures, good corporate administration and an effectual direction in order to heighten its stakeholder value. The Group believes in an active bipartisan communicating is prosecuting and edifice strong relationship therefore can guarantee all demands and concerns are addressed in a timely and efficient mode between the Group and its stockholders. Each client of the Group is allocated a gross revenues representative to pull off the customer’s assorted outlooks. The Group have dedicated web sites for communicating based on having inquiries and feedback from its clients and the general populace. The inquiries or feedback received is forwarded to the relevant caput of section for farther action and are quickly addressed. The Group gathers client feedback via questionnaire to carry on one-year client satisfaction study. It includes merchandises or services, gross revenues forces, bringing, and paperss about proficient and commercial. The Group besides patterns “Local Suppliers First Policy” in day-to-day operations. The Group is a proud member of the honored organisation to keep abreast of latest developments and best pattern in the industry. Those are the Federation of Public Listed Companies Berhad, Malayan Employers Federation, Federation of Malaysian Manufactures, Master Builders Association Malaysia, Quality Restroom Association of Malaysia, and Industry Confederation Partner of Malaysian Green Building Council and other.

    4. Procurement policies

    5. Merchandise duty

    The Group continually offers a wide, balanced and compelling portfolio of merchandises and trade names tailored to its client demands. The Group had been continuously developing many new and compelling merchandises to farther heighten its merchandise offering. For illustration, new scopes of clinical lights-outs, dezincification immune lights-outs, low-pressure showers, Green Building Index ( GBI ) series pat, sensor-based manus driers, healthful adjustments and soap dispensers. Tapwares produced by the Group is the highest criterion in the universe comply with British Standard BS5412. It means that the merchandises have lower Zn degrees doing that safer for long-run usage than other rivals ‘ merchandises available in Malaysia. Sanitary wares merchandises are manufactured to quality criterions set out in Malaysia Standard MS147, MS795, and MS1522 and Singapore’s Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme ( WELS ) Index. The Group applied the periodic benchmarking to guarantee the merchandises are reasonably priced and low-cost relation to rivals.


    Detailss on how the company addresses and manages its peculiar environmental impact

    1. Environmental policy clearly stated

    The Group is committed to guaranting that it actively minimizes the impact its concern operations have on the environment. The Group manages environment impact in the natural stuff and energy use, waste direction and supply concatenation optimisation.

    1. Measurement systems in topographic point to step:
    • Emissions of C dioxide and/or other nursery gases
    • Energy ingestion
    • Water ingestion

    A scope of H2O preservation merchandises to assist its clients can function H2O and energy, which conform to Malaysia’s GBI and Singapore’s WELS.

    Scope of showers specially designed to work in low H2O force per unit area countries, forestalling the demand for utilizing a pump. The resigned of its scope of manual self-closing lights-outs for public washrooms to shut after 3 seconds, unlike old theoretical accounts that closed after 6 seconds. The use of merely high quality closing mechanisms helps to minimise leaks and H2O wastage during the products’ life.

    • Waste production and direction

    The Group’s waste direction plans guarantee that all wastes are treated in conformity with the ordinances of the Department of Environment. In add-on to its other waste coevals decrease undertakings. The Group besides beginnings from local providers, where available to cut down the inbound natural materials’ C footmark.

    1. Set marks for betterments and/or important enterprises to cut down the above

    The Group aims to cut down natural stuff wastage and use through its on-going merchandise wastage riddance plan ; and merchandise and packaging design optimisation. Where possible, it besides specifies recycled packaging merchandises.

    The Group aims to conserve or cut down energy and production inputs through optimisation of its production procedure.

    1. Company’s impact on biodiversity ; environmental impact appraisals, if any


    1. Health & A ; Safety ( H & A ; S ) issues
    • H & A ; S direction system in topographic point

    The Health and Safety Committee is responsible to guarantee supply a safe and healthy working environment and guaranting effectual execution safety policies. The wellness and safety officer as required is certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health ( NIOSH ) .

    The Group cooperates closely with both the in-house and national brotherhood to guarantee just labour patterns are in topographic point. The brotherhood helps to guarantee the employee’s public assistance is taken attention of, including issues associating to labour rates, safety, medical benefits and leave entitlement. The Group labour rates are on a regular basis benchmarked to the industry, harmonizing to place and class to guarantee employees have a just twenty-four hours ‘s work.

    • Staff instruction & A ; developing on H & A ; S

    All Group employees are trained in the necessary safety processs and provided with all necessary safety and protective equipment with carry oning regular safety cheques of the equipment.

    1. Human capital development
    • Staff developing – figure of hours, type of preparation

    The Group’s Human Resource sections conduct extended preparation and development classs for its employees to farther heighten their accomplishments and cognition towards accomplishing the employees’ personal development ends. Group-wide public presentation assessments are done yearly where public presentation is measured against marks and Key Result Areas.

    The staff have attended preparation Sessionss by the Malaysia Green Building Confederation ( MGBC ) , thereby bettering their cognition sing H2O efficiency and the GBI.

    3. Work-life balance

    • Guaranting employee’s quality of life – pension programs, flexible-working agreements, counselling/assistance plans, athleticss activities, etc.

    To further hike staff morale, an encouraging interaction amongst staff and enhance a sense of belonging, a hoarded wealth Hunt event for staff and an one-year dinner was held during the twelvemonth under reappraisal.

    4. Diverseness in the workplace

    • Staff composing – adult females, cultural groups, people with disablements
    • Supplying equal chances

    The Group prides itself on its equal chance employment patterns, with all cultural groups reasonably represented. As at 30 June 2013, the Group’s staff cultural composing is 39 % Malay, 29 % Chinese, 12 % Indian and 20 % other.

    1. Employee public assistance

    The Group provides a free uniform for mill employees and subsidised canteen.


    Detailss on the company ‘s relationship with the local communities in which it operates and/or other communities it may take to back up

    1. Employment of local work force its operations
    2. Internship or alumnus arrangement strategies
    3. Detailss on the company ‘s community investing enterprises

    The Group is committed to lending positively to the community with a specific focal point on advancing H2O preservation.

    In March 2013 to May 2013, DOE worked closely with Quality Restroom Association Malaysia ( QRAM ) to advance consciousness and good hygiene under the run of “Budaya Tandas Bersih” ( BTB ) anibg 1,580 primary pupils of four ( 4 ) primary schools in the Klang Valley on the proper lavatory use and self-hygiene.

    1. Promoting employee volunteerism

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