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Hup Seng Industries Berhad Sample


Words: 3916 (16 pages)

Background Hup Seng Industries Berhad Hup Seng Industries Berhad is an investing keeping company and was incorporated in Malaysia as a populace limited company on 4th October 1991 and received an blessing certification to run the concern on 23rd April 1997. The mission and vision of the company is to bring forth quality fast traveling…

The Globalisation of the Maritime Industry


Words: 2856 (12 pages)

Introduction It cannot be denied that the maritime industry plays an important role in today’s financial system and commerce. It holds key areas in the complex networks that operate worldwide economy. But is it truly a globalised system? This paper will attempt to answer this question and show that the maritime industry has become a…

High Competition in the Casino Industry


Words: 511 (3 pages)

Competition in the Casino Industry has been intensified since the business landscape has changed tremendously. Changes in the industry include the increasing legalization of gambling activities and the alternatives available in the industry such as internet gambling and the waterborne casinos. The first issue which affected the competition in the casino industry is the legalization…

Banking industry in pakistan


Words: 2547 (11 pages)

Industry overview Banking industry in Pakistan Under the supervising of the State Bank of Pakistan, all Bankss work. State bank of Pakistan divided the operations of the Bankss into four chief sections which is Corporate, agribusiness, SME and consumer. All those Bankss which operate in Pakistan should follow the ordinance made by the province bank…

Market Analysis of Edible Oils Industry



Words: 1434 (6 pages)

Background and Size of the Indian Edible Oil Industry Demand for edible oils Vegetable oil consumption in the country is continuously rising and has sharply increased in the last couple of years to roughly 11. 2 kg/head/year. This is still lower than the world average consumption level of 17. 8 kg and that in neighbouring…

MTV Effects – Music Industry on TV


Words: 414 (2 pages)

Music TV channels, broadcasting variety of programs ranging from ordinary music videos through charts, various shows to cartoons are the symptom of our times. No matter if it’s MTV or VIVA, they sell very similar stuff, often cheap and shallow. The pop culture and consumption grasped the most powerful device that is television. It is…

Music Industry Today – Def Jam Records


Words: 1749 (7 pages)

Def Jam Records is the most dominant and successful record label in the music industry today. Def Jam lives and breathes by one rule: continuity, and the men behind the legendary label are: Kevin Liles, Lyor Cohen, and founder/CEO Russell Simmons are the brains and life behind the label. Def Jam is the home of…

Bioethanol industry


Words: 4674 (19 pages)

It was February 2007, and the Philippine Department of Agriculture needed to prepare a strategy for implementing the recently passed biofuels law. The law required all gasoline sold in the country to be blended with bioethanol1 within two years and all diesel to be blended with biodiesel within three months. Although it was not the…

Steel Industry in Thailand


Words: 2150 (9 pages)

The steel industry is a dynamic, innovative sector, which is constantly adapting and refining itself to become more competitive in the market. The industry does this by developing new, improved steel grades and production procedures that produce better and more cost-effective product lines for changing marketplace. Steel is a key material in promoting economic growth…

Soft-Drink Industry Analysis


Words: 3316 (14 pages)

INTRODUCTION The soft-drink industry comprises companies that manufacture nonalcoholic beverages and carbonated mineral waters or concentrates and syrups for the manufacture of carbonated beverages. Development of the first man-made sparkling or carbonated water is credited to Joseph Priestley, the British scientist who discovered oxygen. In 1772 he invented a method of “pushing” carbon dioxide into water…

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There are four types of industry. These are primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary. Primary industry involves getting raw materials e.g. mining, farming and fishing. Secondary industrySecondary industryIn macroeconomics, the secondary sector of the economy is an economic sector in the three-sector theory that describes the role of manufacturing. It encompasses industries that produce a finished, usable product or are involved in construction. ... Examples include textile production, car manufacturing, and handicraft.Secondary sector of the economy involves manufacturing e.g. making cars and steel. Read More:

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